Becoming Peace (1)

Thursday, January 29, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 4 Comments

Lately some people in the group mailing list to discuss the current unrest is happening between Israel and Palestine. Across almost the people on the mailing list I see is people in religious Islamic fanatics. Easy to see in the comments such as that which gave them about the ongoing war in Israel and Palestine. Easily viewed, even though not all of them petty-minded, but most of them have any comments that i think is not very humane. This is my personal opinion against them. That does not make me out to them is their view of the war in Israel-Palestine, as the views that are not educated people, more than that, as plebeian. Some thought that does not make sense in talking about their mailing lists. I am the person who also has a religion. However, with my firm said that I reject the form of violence in the name of any kind. Religion is an academic, which should bring peace for mankind. Not a fling, not insult, and not to hurt each other of God's creation. In the name of any religion and culture, and of course all the people in the world who want peace in the land, this curse of infamy ongoing at this time in Israel and Palestine at this time. God in the name of any religion, it is hate fellow human beings who persecute. My heart is filled with anger and sadness. Anger because they infamy. Anger because their ignorance. Anger because their hearts are already filled to kill. My heart is frozen in the grief inside. I do not know anymore, whether they will continue to kill each other until the final point of blood? DBLN, 14.19-170109


  1. Koq nggak ada yang koment disini diajeng??

  2. kekkeekekkeek, maksudnya apa Bang iwan...kekekekek

  3. kedamaian adalah wujud dari kemerdekaan yang sesungghnya. dan kesintingan adalah salah satu bagian dari kedamaian he2.

    salam damai, dan salam sinting jeung :)


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