Becoming Peace (2)

Thursday, January 29, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 3 Comments

Still with the topic of violence that occurred in Israel and Palestine. Today I read an email from the post one of which is located on the mailing list. He wrote about during his visit in Israel. Writing in the form of admiration in Israel was a subtle criticism of a member of the House of Representatives. Someone once said to me that people are susceptible to the opinions of others is due to lack of reference. Was I agree with this opinion, but people who are on the mailing list is people who have high intellectual. So, I do not think they may have less reference. But again and again, as I have written in previous articles that I can not understand why they were petty-minded when discussing issues of religion, especially when Islam became the topic? I trust and faith of Islam. I am not writing to support the religion other than Islam, and not also support an Islamic people who want to kill other people in the name of religion. I am also not a part of the group JIL (Liberal Islam Network). I'm just a Muslim who wants to live peacefully side by side with other religions, that's it. DBLN, 13.19-290109


  1. I'm just a Muslim who wants to live peacefully side by side with other religions
    Joo juga selalu berharap seperti itu...

  2. setuju mbak...agama apapun, keyakinan apapun, prinsip apapun, semua harus menyatu dalam landasan kedamaian. hidup tukang jamu!!! he he he he

  3. ya ampun, ngapain ampe kesini bang sinting???


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