Elnino M Husein To Future Gorontalo

Thursday, January 22, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

By: Jeng Sri Long time since I actually want to write an article about a young man from Gorontalo nominated as the Regional Representative for Gorontalo. Honestly, I personally do not know Elnino so close. I only know him through a group mailing list of people Gorontalo. This represents my support for young people who have to share intelligence and build political and economic improvement in Indonesia. However, recently a lot of newspapers's Gorontalo who write a profile about himself. And almost from most newspapers told Elnino as appropriate candidates for the nominated. And of course the government and the community need to provide opportunities for Elnino stage in economic and political improvements in Gorontalo. I do not believe there will be people who reject what is said by the media about Elnino. As a young woman as Elnino, I would fully support his candidacy as the House of Representatives to Gorontalo. Elnino simple personality can also be seen from some of his writings in several blogs about his daily life. There will be no debate about the person himself. A young man who have high intelligence, in a simple manner, form a high socialization, what is less than himself? Indonesian and Gorontalo especially need a change. It is not the time to use more campaign money to attract public sympathy! To build a better society we need smart people that is free from political money. Government and people of Gorontalo certainly need to provide opportunities for Elnino as someone who represents the young Gorontalo. Provide opportunities for young people on to the idea stage in the development of economic and political Gorontalo is a very wise way to progress in Gorontalo. If there is no opportunity for young people express their ideas, it will not change for the future of Gorontalo. For that, in the name of hope, on behalf of the State, on behalf of young people Gorontalo, and on behalf of the future of Gorontalo, provide an opportunity to Elnino! DBLN, 18.07-200109

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  1. Kok disini Nggak ada yang koment jeng>>>*tiru2 Bang iwan...ehehheeh


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