Indonesian Women's Welfare (2)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

By: Jeng Sri I do not think out why the government is not concerned about security for the safety of Indonesian women working abroad. And we know that women who work outside the country is a hero for the Indonesian foreign exchange. Furthermore, women who work abroad are mostly located in the shadow foundations illegal. The most serious is that many among the foundation's illegal only want to take advantage of women who do not have any skills at all, even most of them are women who do not have enough education and come from a small village. So that it can imagine in what happens to the women who work abroad? There is no legal protection, there is no provision of adequate skills, and so forth. Most of them just desperate, and not determination. Therefore, the number of women who want to work in desperate overseas in utilized by those who are not responsible. Which eventually cause harassment, sexual harassment in the employment of women in the foreign country, such as, for example, a lot going on in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and others. Surely that is not fair to women. The labor of women to provide income for the country's foreign exchange would be treated fairly and not in the neuter their human rights. When I ponder this, I realize that the social welfare of Indonesian women left behind a far cry from other countries. This also reminds us of the history of Europe 200 years ago. As well as going on in Ireland 200 years ago in a hunger lye, job crisis, the government mess. This is what's going on in Indonesia right now. We left behind 200 years of European countries. The question is, how can this happen? Too many reasons to do so. DBLN, 15.42-200109


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