In A Rhythm

Monday, February 02, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Recently, I am more diligent to write poetry. In fact through poetry we can express our feelings. As a beginner in the writing of poetry of course I still have much to learn from seasoned senior who has been writing poetry. I write poetry not for the seriousness to become a writer of poetry. I write poetry only as a distraction when I am resting or when I am looking for an inspiration, more than that I write when I can not express the restlessness I feel. The rest is because I really like poetry since elementary school. One of the writer's poems that I really admire is Chairil Anwar. He is a writer of poetry that is very popular in Indonesia, and I really like the rhythm of his writing. One of his poems that I really like is called "AKU". This poem reminds me of a friend I was in Junior High School. She had died 16 years ago. She wrote a poem one of Chairil Anwar's poems, entitled "AKU" on page one of my books, and I read it a day after she died. Since her death I so often read poems, especially in the poems written by Chairil Anwar. When she was writing the poems she looked well in a healthy condition. I and other friends who had never thought that she was suffering from leukemia. I finally understood why she prefered to spend time writing and reading poetry rather than gathered with her friends. Through the poems she had written in the book, she had taught me to express in other ways. She wrote a farewell message before she died, but I did not realize it until I finally understood the meaning behind the poem. We hope you rest in peace. DBLN, 20.23-010209


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