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Thursday, February 12, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 4 Comments

As I write this to thank AJ. AJ Hoge is the inventor and owner of Effortless English Club. I have known since a year ago through an internet. The first time I read any posts AJ enthusiastic and full of spirit, I was simply interested in buying a package and English language lessons. Since I know AJ through his writings in the blog, I always have a motivation that is not only motivated to learn English but also for motivation and to create more in the spirit of life! More than that, AJ has also given many positive impacts for the life of the people and to motivate as well as positive thinking to themselves. Members of the EEC and consists of thousands from all over the course, not easy to set up such a large number of people that background is different. With the positive enthusiasm of AJ, he has been enthusiastically positive transmit to all members of the EEC! In last August, we had gathering for EEC members. That was fantastic moment for me to be honest. Finally, i could meet AJ and crews of EEC in Ireland. The gathering was organised by me, some of members from France also came to Ireland. The event more exciting because one of the crew was so curious about Ireland, fourtunetely, i brought Gary so he could answers all the questionaires from one of the EEC crews. And i just even more excited about EEC after all. Even when I write this with full emotional, because every time I get the motivation and enthusiasm I always remember how AJ is very enthusiastic as a teacher the English language but also to provide spiritual encouragement for the members. Although no strict rules in learning English all members can achieve a satisfactory result. Who does not want a teacher like AJ? Everyone certainly wants him to be their teachers! DBLN, 15.34-120209


  1. Monggo yang mau berkoment ria, silahken :).

  2. fyuhhh...
    Jarang make English jadi gag berkembang neh...
    kasi Joo tipsnya dong jeng biar cepet bisa... :)

  3. Hanni, do you speak France? est-ce que tu m'aime? How to speak English fluently in 10 days?

  4. now i'm studying his method too, weeks 5



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