25 May 2009

Blogging And Money

Advertise on blogs I originally didn't think that my hobby of writing in the blog to make money. I write only because fraudulent to fill my spare time. But ultimately I know that through blogging we can also make money. With no knowledge at all about the marketing business, I also try to search for information from the internet. Originally indeed difficult, but the advantages the Internet has changed how I think of the difficult becomes easy, even easy.
First I try to do the online marketing business in 2007. I try to learn about affiliate programs and do business online. But unfortunately it failed. Failure makes me a bit jaded and stop writing on the blog for a long time. But the spirit of writing has given me the strength to write back again on blog. I try to create a strategy that is not broken my spirit to write on the blog. Finally I find the idea of something that makes me focus on my blog. The first idea is to write about what I feel, somehow it on daily life, political, economic, and so forth. I try to focus only on blog writing and not think to make money on the blog. After a few months learning to adapt to the blogging world, I get more information about blogging. Even more than that I find a good friend for doing business online through blogging. One of the partners to blogging that can generate money for the blogger that is PayingPost. PayingPost provide the opportunity for the blogger to write the idea and also make money at the same time . I've already done this and it turns out the money! Although the total amount of money is still small but this is a good first step for me. In addition to providing the opportunity for bloggers to make money, Payingpost also provide some tips articles to the blogger, such as how to write better reviews, how to gain customers through the website, and so forth. Do not hesitate to join in PayingPost If you want to cash in while writing the blog. This is a good opportunity for the blogger. DBLN, 23.57-230509

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