25 March 2013

Online Shopping Business, Shall We?

Since I arrived in Indonesia I've been observing the market here, quite high, specially the online business. We know Asian country is now becoming more famous   since the crisis economic hit America and Europe in 2008, and seems more foreign like to invest their money in Asia, and Indonesia is now being boosted by foreign investments. 

However, while the economic here is boosting more people take its benefits by trying to have their own business. Let's say online shopping, is one of the trending business in the market that people like to do in Indonesia.  

Some friends of mine have tried their business skills through online, Ratu De Blog, just recently launched Quiniemart, her online shopping business. 

Online shopping business is a great way for those who prefer to be self-employee. 

What are the things you need to prepare to start online shopping? Here are the steps:

1. What do you sell?
Think about what product that you think market will like it and few people have it. Be different as it will make you stand out from competitors.

2. Website
Must have a website as this online business. Get a good domain that will caught the attention. If you have small capital get one from Blogspot and change the to paid domain. Ask somebody to design your website theme according to what you sell. 

3. Social networks
Have a social network account such as facebook and twitter is a must. The social network is a great and cheapest way to get people know about your brand. 

4. Campaign your brand
Once the steps above done, campaign it! Tell people about your brand through a promo, like giving your customers special price for the special items in the promo, review service, give away, etc.

4. Friendly to anyone
If you do the business by your own then get more friendly to anyone who asks about your brands. The friendlier you're with them the higher is the traffic for your online business.

5. No Bad-mouth 
You get the customers, your business get well and your customers start to share their experiences their bad experiences of other online shopping. Stay cool. Let them share it and take that for you to do better than competitors. 

It's a peace of cake steps, so are you ready to have online business? Let's start it!

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