21 May 2009


This is the continuiation of the previous writing about divorce. I'm writing these matters due to curious about the law of marriage and divorce in Indonesia. Call me fussy or whatever, but i hardly understand why divorce is so easy to get in Indonesia? We can even buy the law of divorce if we want it quickly.

In the countries of western Europe marriage is a big step to be taken. No wonder that in many western European men and women above 30 years have not been married. marriage is a commitment between two parties. 

And, commitment in marriage should not be used as a game. In a marriage commitment is more important than love. With a commitment at least we can think logically about things in the life.

Unfortunately, this is not thought by adolescents in Indonesia. Either the law or whatever, young people in Indonesia prefer to choose married quickly without thinking about the commitment. More distressing is that parents who choose candidates for the husband / wife for their children! And this still happens in Indonesia.

Argghhh! Is time teenagers indonesia change their way of thinking about marriage. Marriage is a commitment that requires great responsibility concerning the life of another person (wife / husband and children). If you don't think carefully when you marry, then wait for the divorce otherwise whatsoever! Demi Cinta,

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