Having Fun With Gardening

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

My favourite spot at home is the garden. Although my garden is not really big nonetheless i like to decorate it. In fact, this activity is a hobby that I find pleasurable. I find interesting things from my new hobby such as, learning about varieties of flowers from around the world and how to take care of them. I honestly didn't really know much about the many different kinds of flowers and their names before, but since I moved to the new house I've learned more and more about gardening. At first I thought it was difficult to take care of the garden, because we need to give attention to the different type of flowers. The very first time I was gardening, I bought a jasmine plant and planted it in the garden. But because I didn't really know about gardening, the jasmine died later. It died because it was not getting enough sun and also because I planted it in the wrong season. Even so doing a hobby such a gardening is not difficult. What we need is just to pay attention to every flower and see what type of flower can be planted to survive the winter season, otherwise you will have to re-plant new flowers each year. My mistake at first was that I was ignorant about these things. Since then, I've tried to learn more knowledge about gardening. It was difficult at the start, because I wasn't interested in gardening and I didn't want to learn about it. But when I found some interesting stuff about how to take care of the Jasmine, then I started to look at other beautiful flowers that interested me so that I could plant them in my garden. Gardening stuff is also easy to find. I usually get my garden stuff from a gardening shop such as Simply Rain Barrels. Simply Rain Barrels is a special shop for your gardening needs. I like to buy some stuff for my garden in here like for rain barrels, rain water barrels, or rain harvesting. As Simply Rain Barrel provides many things for gardening, it makes it easier for me to find anything that I need for my garden. Interestingly they also have a sale on this month. If you like gardening or are just looking for something for your garden, you might want to look at some interesting stuff in Simply Rain Barrels.


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