A Great Moment Of U2's Concert In Dublin

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

After long time waiting for this great moment, I could finally go to U2's concert in Dublin last month. I was already worried that i couldn't get the ticket because of amout people wanted to go the concert. Even a friend of mine from Jakarta who was in her-7-months pregnant didn't want to missed the boat watching the U2's concert. I even more worried about her rather than didn't get the ticket after i knew that she extremely wanted to go, although her husband didn't want her to go. The concert devided into 3 days. My friend's hubby looked at the information for the ticket at Blossom Music Center Tickets, not sure if he bought the tickets online from Blossom Music centre Tickets, because he told me he couldn't get the tickets from an other site that we always booked for a ticket concert. He was the one who organized everything for us, included buying the tickets. I didn't ask about from where he got the ticket, so probably he got the ticket from Blossom Music Center Tickets, because that was the last ticket he told us. There were about a thousand of people wacthing the U2's concert. A friend of mine got a picture of Bono by accidently. She believed that Bono was just about going to the concert in Croke Park. She said that the photo was taken when Bono visited a woman who might be one of his family. We just laughed at her when she told us that she fell over to a road when she tried to take the photo and jostled with another fans of U2. And she was so generous to give me one of her U2's photos.The concert was taken at a Croke park city centre of Dublin. The croke Park is a stadium which is used to GAA (Gaelic Atheletic Association). Apart of hurling, Gaelic is another famoust of irish sports in Ireland . The stadium also use for another matchs such as rugby, football, and even concerts. Lots of stories beyond of this great stadium. And I'm so glad to be here to distinguish one of Irish antecedents However, it would never be easy looking for a ticket concerts. Particulary if a big concert such as U2's concert. People always book the ticket long time before hand. Sometimes it just a lucky if we can get the ticket. As well as the ticket would be more expensive if we buy it close to concert. The ticket prices would be competitive between another ticket agencies. Accordingly if you fancy going to a concert, you might want to book the ticket quiet early. DBLN, 21.33-1108009


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