Sexy Hallowen Costumes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I'm always excited when Hallowen comes. Even more excited when my friends show me some their hallowen customes. Although the Hallowen party still a month to go, nevertheless my friends already looked at some hallowen costumes in some shops and internet. My favorite hallowen costume is a type of sexy dress or elegant. I and some friends of mine prefer searching hallowen costumes in internet. Beside it's much easier and save our times. This year, we plan to have a hallowen party, somewhere in city centre in Dublin. We usually organize it a month before the hallowen comes so that our presentations could appear perfectly. We don't really celebrate hallowen in my country. Maybe some people had, but it's very uncommon party to be celebrated. Not the same as in Europe or America, most people celebrate it. I know about hallowen when i arrived in Ireland, it was a week before hallowen. I saw lots of shops sold hallowen stuffs. Most the stuffs were scaries, and it was scary me. Mostly young people like to go a pub to celebrate hallowen. At still most staffs in the pub wore hallowen costumes. It's nice and lots of fun, particulary if we don't really know about hallowen. I've choosen for my hallowen costume for this year. I got a different costume of my friends' hallowen costumes. As my friends prefer something scary such as a witch or a dracula, and another scary costumes, myself choose a something that sexy with a black colour. It something likes the picture below:Don't you think it looks elegant and sexy? I love this hallowen costume. I will definitely buy it for next year hallowen party!


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