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Thursday, October 15, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 30 Comments

It's been long time since I want to review about him and got a chance at last to review it ;). Firstly I want to say thanks indeed to Bang Iwan who still remember JengSRI.COM ;), and I am sorry too for the long-absent visiting your blog. The fact is, because I've been their hands full with my psychology courseworks and assignments, and then another review assigments  as well -;), and then  loads of duties as a housekeeper. LOL.

Any bloggers unfamiliar with Bang Iwan? His famoust names is Iwan, but most bloggers call him 'Bang Iwan', originally from Soppeng in Makassar, which is one of the provinces in Sulawesi, I think in English we call it Sulawesi with Celebes (Am I right, Bang?). He's also a blogger with a passion to up to date writing on his blog. His blog is containing such as informative articles, and  no wonder about it, because it's related to his job as a teacher.
I never met him in person, so far we just meet in blogging atmosphere to help each others incereasing our ranks by visiting blogs of each others. If you see his photo, you might think that he seems such as a grumpy teacher, but who knows ;). However we become good friends since the very first time we had a discussion about 'Hijab' (Remember, Bang?), in some arguments as to this topic, then I have my own conclusion about him. He genuinely very respect  to somebody's diagreement. I was quite sure that when we had argue about  'Hijab', my disagreement was unpleasent toward him. Surprisingly he was up againts my argument with an openess attitude.
We haven't been in contact to each others for quite ages, neither email or by blogging. Since ungodly things came about just a couple of months ago in blogging atmospheres. I really rue of what happened before.
I assume Bang Iwan is such a nice person, whether at blogging nor in the fact-life. He's a passionate blogger with positive motivation, if there any bloggers try to destroy his passion by diffusing a disincentives to him nor another bloggers, I would say to him: "Good luck!". 
I wish I could meet Bang Iwan in person in another times, I really wish.
Thanks indeed for the everything Bang. You are the best of the best.
P.S - Sorry I just put one award on this as my net is loading very slowly since I installed something to protect my IP address. Hope you don't mind Bang Iwan ;).
DBLN, 14.42-151009


  1. bagus bgt awardnya... terus berkarya jeng sri

  2. good luck, and keep blogging...

  3. salam hangattt Jeng..lama kita tak bersua..

  4. berkunjung.., kayaknya yang perdana nih berkunjung kesini.., slam kenal yah..!!!!!!

  5. @Rizky: Thanks Rizky

    @Suryaden: You too Mas Den ;)

    @Maryo: Selamat for what :)?

    @Yanuar: Hey, Yanuar, Long time no see, how's your blog ;)?

  6. Congratulation Jeng. Congaratulation for the friendship beetween you and bang Iwan. He's great blogger, same with you.

  7. Thank you for infinite contain my photos and Award.
    Of the overall review Diajeng, ... I felt very flattered.

    Sulawesi Island is known as Celebes ...

    wakakakaka ..... Children also judge me like that diajeng, ... "If you see his photo, you might think that he seems such as a grumpy teacher".

  8. 'Hijab', I will never forget,
    I really hope one day we can share back via email.
    Thank you for everything.

  9. Saya mohon maaf, karena jarang berkunjung. Ditempat saya selalu kena pemadaman bergilir disaat biasanya saya gunakan waktu untuk blogging

  10. Bang Iwan memang pantas yaa...

  11. wew...lama tak basuo , selamat jeng awardna ...

  12. congrats sista' deserve it! :)

  13. Mohon maaf Lahir batin.
    Maaf agak telat. Maklum Sppedy telat bayar, jadi gak bisa pakai.

    Wuihhh Bang Iwan ya ?
    Keren banget dia.
    Blog favorit setelah yg ini.
    Walau kadang cuma melototin dari jauh.

  14. Bang Iwan memang TOP. Semangat nge Blognya layak dicontoh. Cocok jg disandingkan dengan JengSRI. Serasi! hehe..

  15. @Gen: Salam kenal juga ;)

    @NewSoul: Thanks Mbak Elly :D

    @Setiawan: It's okay Bang, no hard feeling ;)

    @OmSugeng: Emang Om...

    @3: Lho mas Tri, baru nongol lagi?

    @Henny: Heheheh, thanks...

    @Yans: Hahahahha!

  16. Award lagi... Selamat ya..
    Omong-2 aku juga bagiin award lho buat Jeng Sri di The Others..., di postingan terbaruku.
    Cuma kemarin lupa kasih tahu...

  17. Maaf baru mampir, akhir-2 ini sering keluar kota, Jeng. Ini aja baru pulang dari Surabaya........

  18. huahahahahaha
    sama negh dari bang iwan ganteng

  19. Iya, bang Iwan memang baik dan familiar sekali Jeng.Kata lain dia memang good teacher gitu :D jeng selamat ya...
    wah rata-rata pada sibuk tahu ini ya?(termasuk saya) hehehe

  20. @Reni: Gpp Mbak Reni :), sibuk ya tahun ini, mendekati tutup buku ya. Thanks buat awardnya ya.

    @Attayaya: Ganteng mana emang sama Bang Atta?,hehehe....

    @Aisha: heheh, iya sibuk lagi sama mata kuliah baru nih..

  21. Selamat ya mba...
    Kunjungan Pertama nih.....

    Kalao ada waktu bertandang ke gubuk saya ya...Oh ya, klo ikhlas juga, insert my link into your blogroll ya mba....

  22. bang iwan memang hebat :)
    sungguh award yang indah...

    pa kabar jeung???
    di cari si anggi he he he

  23. @Zulhaq: Iddiiihh baru nongol lagi. Pasti Anggi nyariin saya buat bikin koloborasi mentungin bang Zulhaq, hahahhha!

  24. actually I am a new blogger but I have to read blog since twelve years old when I was young

  25. award pa ni mas?
    gak mudeng bahasa linggis ki

    tapi selamat aja deh buat awardnya hehehe

  26. jadi mikir...kapan yaa saya direview sama jeng sri hihihi..

    selamat ya jeng..award indah sekali
    salam bahagia tuk keluarga

  27. ayeeem kamiiiinggg to JengSri ...


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