What Type Of Defense Are You?

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Defensive is attitude that usually given by someone to cope him/herself for at least their security. The attitude has been studied in psychoanalysis for many decades, or well-know in terms Psychoanalysis as defense mechanism. It was first coined by Freud and then developed by his daughter, Anna, that defense appears to cope anxious that caused by the ego.

Psychoanalysis itself defines defense mechanism is a phenomenon activity which often occurs without consciousness. In some circumstances  being defensive is sometimes hard to avoid, but it’s normal. However, although it’s believed to be normal, excessive defensive can lead to such as ‘abnormal’ attitude.

The terms of defense mechanisms in which cited by Freud and Anna is constitute one of the most fascinating distributions in the psychoanalysis field. There are more than ten types of defense mechanisms from theirs terms, but below are the most well-known types of defense people:

1. Intellectual People

Nowdays intellectualization is no longer only about those who posses IQ above avarage, higher education, or posses qualification in one or more fields, nor those who can argue so smartly or confidently. In fact, it’s simpler than that: a positive self response in a situation is more important than those mention above.

For example, a person who has been diagnosed with an illness and he/she responses its diagnosis by learning about its illness, trying to survive by living healthier, and instead of surrendering or hopeless, this attitude responses now known as type of intellectualism defense mechanism. It sounds similar with emotional intelligence: its how we asses our emotion in a situation.

2. Denial
Denial is when people who have consistent problem but denying their actual condition, such as drinking or drug problems. It’s totally different from somebody who likes to get attention by foul him/herself act in a ‘drama’.

3. Displacement

This type defense mechanisms is every so often occurs in everyday of life. When we face a bad situation, like angry with our boss or with our partner, we unconsciously consciously to give free reign to somebody’s else — this is called a type displacement of defense mechanisms.
When the last time did you wreak your angry to somebody’s else? Just remember, that you’re just about to displace your anger.

4. Avoidance

Avoidance attitude appears when we dislike with something, and then we try to avoid anything that related with its object. For example, when we dislike with a social life style, we avoid not to join any community society, visiting family, gathering with friends, etc.

5. Sublimation

This type is believed by Freud as a sign of maturity. It’s just the opposite of displacement types, able to assess our emotion by distibute it to something more useful, like going to exercise.

6. Reality anxiety

Presumably, you’re afraid of snake. You go walk on the beach and see a sea snake near you, and you run away from it as fast as possible. This defense mechanism type is cited by Freud as reality anxiety.

7. Compensation

Do you know anyone who do their job to realize their aspiration comes true? For example, someone who can’t make his/her dream come true to be a famous singer might going to be a lecture at singing class — this is a type of compensation defense mechanism.

Those types of defense mechanisms if it’s used accordingly its measure, then nothing need to be worried about. As we often heard people say: “Nobody is perfect” — we sometimes unable to against the human natures, unlike computer or software where we can analyse exactly according to its formula.

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