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Monday, October 12, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 3 Comments

I got an interesting book that was known as one of the greatest of Freud's contributions. Since I have their hands full, I have no time  to read this book, though I have borrowed it for twice loans and it unreaded when returning to the library.
However I've got it back and read it at last.
My concern about this book is, which is called "The Interpretation Of Dream" written by Sigmund Frued, about the psychological of dreams in its interpretation. I expected that Freud would describe about there also many people could remember their dreams clearly. In fact of this book, apart of his expositions as to interpretation of dremas, he merely explained about "Why dreams are forgotten after waking" (1976, 106). How could some people remember their dreams so clearly?, and even in some cases I find that some of them could likely determine what act they should take in their dreams? Perhaps, of what our scientific has concidered as to that  dreams starts off from the assumption that they are products of our own mental activity (1976, 112), could that be still need more depth fact finding research as to this case? The mental activity transpires of the conciousness, if our own mental could affect the stimulus to dreamt in which merely the unconciouness existent in dreams. But again, what about with some people who are able to determined it, for instanse, they determine, in this case they thought to run off of the goons who trying to hurt them. Interestingly, in one of the references of the interpretation of dreams (I forget  the name of whom the reference it) said, intellectual, thought, feeling, desire are beyond of dreams. So if we're not able to use our intellectual to persuade that we can act as many as we want, then how could somebody take an act when some goons try to hurt him? Wouldn't it occure due to the conciousness and intellectual? 
After reading this book (haven't finished it yet) I believe that there are some of psychological anwers as to dreams, in fact of the spite that dreams are something that is unexplained and unpredictable. However age-old dreams has been used by some people as a prediction in a fact-life hitherto. The fact that dreams could even tell your inner (Spitta) is more interesting subject to discuss as this is remind me of what many people still believe in interpretation of dreams of tarot-reading. Those who could read the interpretation of dreams, perhaps able to read the pscyhological characters of the person whom dreamt. In terms of what has been previously said, some of references as to dreams believe that a good person could not be a bad person in their dreams. However I would take a simple of the psychological of human being that even in the fact-life people could change. 
In a coursework case, a woman dreamed as to a woman was in an old-era,  living together as a mistress of a kinda gyptian, which actually, in the fact-life she whom dreamt, was a single with great career. Her lover treated her just as a queen. She went to travel, moved from one place to another place, she wore a type of old-dress. While living with another groups travel, she was suspicious with a group that she thought they were going to be murdered by the other group. The woman seeing that the group murder her which due to her suspicious, in a brutally murder. And she returned as a ghost to a vengeance....
The experience of the woman's dreams above is kinda a story of horror movie. Perhaps, she wacthed a kind horror such as that before hand and the memory of the movie still remains. 
Lastly, the whole dreams, who those able to memory it, they might be a sign of psychological character in a fact-life, or might probably just a memory that still remain in our brain.
I would prefer to describe it in a theology instead of a psychologycal description. If there something in terms that dreams are something that unexplained. I deeply ask about this, why do we not able to explain it? As many western philosophiers believe that  the world made of  bla,bla,bla... that is everything in psychological answers. 
There is must be something that untouchable and unexplained by any technology that has created  and any human beings.
And what is it?

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  1. kayaknya keren nih bukunya, apalagi dapat pinjaman gratis :)

  2. Jeng menarik sekali ulasannya, saya jadi pengen baca bukunyA

    Saya pernah membaca buku yang membahas tentang mimpi, tetapi dalam tinjauan Islam dan menafsirkan mimpi berdasarkan Al-Qur'an dan Hadist

    Nabi Yusuf diberikan petunjuk oleh Allah melalui mimpi diantaranya Matahari, bulan dan sebelas buah bintang bersujud dan mimpi yang lain adalah tentang 7 ekor sapi gemuk, 7 ekor sapi kurus dan tujuh tangkai gandum hijau dan 7 tangkai gandum kering, semua mengandung arti

    Demikian pula petunjuk/wahyu yang diturunkan untuk Nabi Ibrahim, ada yang diturunkan melalui mimpi.

    Memang mimpi-mimpi yang mulia seperti itu hanya diberikan kepada para umat yang telah terpilih.

    There is must be something that untouchable and unexplained by any technology that has created and any human beings.
    And what is it?

    Coba deh Jeng Sri baca buku tentang mimpi dengan versi/pengarang yang lain...Pasti sekamin menarik.. :)

  3. ngomongin sigmund freud bikin kepala henny nyut-nyutan..soalnya setiap belajar lagi selalu aja ketemu ama dia


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