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Monday, October 12, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 7 Comments

Blogging activity currently has became an activity as a job, even some bloggers using blogging as a permanent job. In fact blogging as one of the other ways of marketing business is promising a great income for many bloggers. Moreover starting to make a blog is easy, you can get a free account such at Blogspot, wordpress, Ning, and so on.
So what next after you have a blog?
Firstly, Writing a post in to your blog. Regardless of what type do you want to make for, for instance, your blog is contained as to personal blog, make sure that your blog is up to date as this could arise many visitors.
Secondly, promoting your blog contents by using networks such as SmallRiver. How good your content is, your content would be useless if you have no readers on your blog. Network your content is the best way to increase visitors, you will get more some visitors at the same interests.
Lastly, keep doing blogwalking, this the simple way to promo your blog, particulary who a new blogger.


  1. makanya saya senantiasa berusaha untuk BW diajeng,... supaya ada juga yang bisa menjadi visitor saya meskipun tulisan saya belumlah berarti...

  2. submit konten ya mba
    mo juga ahhh
    dollarnya hehehe

  3. nice post,,,,wish u take aproval soon

  4. met malem jeng Sri, salam kenal sekalian folow

  5. Oke,jeng.Thanks for your information.


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