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A poker  game currently become one of the most interesting games in the world. In European and American country poker is the most played game. As poker now can be played by online game, then it's easier to play it and also facilitate for those who like to look more opportunities in playing poker. Playing poker online now likewise has been the most favourite to use by many people all over the world. Poker itself was found in the 15 century and according to the information as to history of poker it was known as German game, which was called pochspiel in germany, however there is no spesific clearly about the story behind poker game, by other writers who were best known as the authors of the card games, Hoyle and R.F Foster said: "The game of poker, as first played in the United State.
Although poker games is a form of gambling however for some fellows who are very good at play poker, they will not do gamble with it, they will more using such a strategy as well as more cautious in taking a decision. Well, brave enough  in taking a decision might be sometimes desireble as perhaps other players with a good hands dauntingly to bet.
According to game poker that can be played by online, if you already cognizant in how to play poker, used to with the game, online poker games now give lots of offers to you, for intance, in Flop Turn River, one of the famoust site for poker games, has given great offers such as Full Tilt Referral Code, Full Tilt Poker Bonus, Full Tilt Poker Referral Code. The further information about the offers, please find it in Flop Turn River. For some poker games, for instance, PKR Bonus, they also give the players such as a bonus code. To get the bonus you need register a new account to PKR Bonus Code. 
Good luck and enjoy the poker!


  1. hehehehe aku suka poker makanya blog aga terbengkalai...pisss

  2. Poker Online,...
    Saya biasa main, melalui FB...

  3. in my p[lace all the guys play texas poker holdem on facebook and some of them will sell their chip if they win

  4. mampir ajah boleh nggak....

  5. sumpah mati sayah bingung maen tu poker apa emang ga bakat ato sotoy nyah sayah yah hehhehe
    duh kalo dah tau maen poker tar sma kek temen2 bisa jadi candu yang membahayakan huhuhuhh

    mbaakk maaf baru bisa berkunjung skarangg huhuuh

  6. aku bulan lalu dapet job flopturnriver
    sekarang dah 1 minggu blom dapet lagi

  7. aku bahkan ga ngerti gmn cara mainnya lho, jeng.. liat temen2 pada asyik maen dan ngumpulin chip lwt facebook. tp aku ttp ga ngerti cara mainnya.... hahahaha... salam hangat dari Padang-Indonesia, jeng Sri...

  8. wah sy juga ga ngerti poker Jeng, malah sy ga punya FB.

    Suami yang biasa main poker di FB

    Katanya bisa ketagihan yaa..klo udah keasyikan :)

  9. saya sering lihat,tapi nggak mudeng cara mainnya.

  10. hahaha,,tau ja nih jeng
    kalau aq di kos ma anak2, sering maen poker nih, tp gag OL,


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