Anxiety And Ego (part I)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 5 Comments

We'll see how quick I am to write something that's on my mind now and posted it straight away. This blog has been unwritten for almost over a week! And for that reason I try write that something related to my study about anxiety and ego in psycho-analysis. This is a self-observation that comes from myself about the anxiety and ego in terms of Frued's theory, so I will not write it in academic style as you may not understand the terminology of the psycho-analysis words.
The blog has been invigoration me a good bit. I remember the first time I started to write something on this blog, I was in an ebullience to write about my critical thought as to women's right in Indonesia, and then I realise that my writing was a bit 'mussy' with that trivialise, and then something was wrong happened. So that not to happens again I make this blog in a slightly strick rules for the comment forms of this blog.
"Life is not easy!" that's what Frued said and I indeed agree with it, particulary since I study his works! Every single his works is such a huge subject. Well, I honestly thought beforehand that the Frued's works nothing just about his personal perceptions in psycho-analysis to his patient, but I was totally wrong! In fact he contrived it more complicated than its factual, or maybe I'm wrong by saying this. Let me give a sample of what he has described on his theory about the anxiety- though my studying isn't rudementary to against his theory-, Frued, as similiary with his other works, sometimes I find its beyond my understanding about psycho-analysis, or perhaps that  because I still bring my beliefs (i.e theology matters) in to study psycho-analysis  and mix them up in terms behaviour and belief. As well as this is remind me of what my lecture has been said as to a psychoanalytic cannot become a priest or doctor, and I wonder as Frued himself has a doctor graduation background. There we go, we find it another subject of psycho-analysis; Behaviour And Belief - it's huge subject, isn't it? ;) -  however we'll be back later about that subject in another times as this time I'm quite impatient to talk about anxiety and ego.
Frued himself has been devided anxiety in to three majors; the first major is realistic anxiety. Realistic anxiety is an anxiety that rational or intelligeble, for instance, If  I put you into a hunger tiger cage, then you probably face to realistic anxiety. According to realistic anxiety Frued also said that superior knowledge could promote the anxiety, for instance, an experience sailor will look with terror at a small cloud in the sky that seems to a passanger, because it tells him of  an approaching huricane. This is also one of the examples of realistic anxiety.
I'm getting sleepy now. It's almost 12 pm in Dublin ;). I write this straight away after I comeback from college. See, how love very much I am with my blog, struggling to have time to write on this fabalous blog ;). I'll be back for the continuation of the anxiety.
Ooops, I forget something ;). I want to ask you about a disinclination, and would be great if your answer is an honest answer ;).
Would you hate back to someone who hates you with a reason or unreason?
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  1. No I would not. But I'd kill them :))

  2. maaf yah mbak nggak bisa nulis bhs Inggris jawaban saya rangkullah orang yang membencimu karena itu teladan dari Rasulullah yang tetap baik kepada orang yang membencinya baik dengan alasan atau tanpa alasan

  3. waduuh mbak... sayah bisa semakin belajar bahasa innglis dengan sering sering membaca blognya mbak... hihihihi

  4. If someone hates me but she/he made no disturbance to no one nor to me, I won't mind at all. But once she/he did it, i will say "U mess with a wrong girl, dude!"

  5. life is not easy, ...
    So he who does not want to find trouble, do not ever intend to live longer.

    steady postings diajeng.

    Sorry if I'm wrong comment in the grammar


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