Anxiety And Ego (Part II)

Thursday, November 05, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 3 Comments

Sometimes I find that psycho-analysis is similiar with cognitive psychology in some fields.Why? While I'm writing this, I'm thinking about the relation between Anxiety and Divided Attention. Divided attention is one of other subjects of Cognitive Psychology. And when I link the cause-effect -which is also studied in Cognitive Psychology- of the anxiety and divided attention, there's a little part has been played between two of them.
I practised it to myself when I did a presentation front of the seminar . I was in the overwhelmed nervous feeling to prepare myself about many things, and thinking a lot about everything. My divided attention might have stimulated the symptom of the anxiety, and in the three majors of Freud's anxiety theory, overwhelmed  is one of the symptoms of neurotic anxiety.
According to Frued's contribution of anxiety, I don't think I need to describe what the anxiety is, as everyone of us has experiencenced with that -I think Freud said this as well on his Introductory Lecture On Psycho-Analysis's book, if so then it just my uncounciousness writing it in  the same words as probably because I've been reading a lot of his books, not because I intend to copy it, and it's forbidden anyway to copy somebody else's works ;) -. I will describe in the psychologycal undertanding of anxiety in general, however. And once again, this is my self-observation; if you feel overwhelmed, feel frightened, feel threatened, and feel as if it were about to collapse under the weight of it all. This feeling is called anxiety. And according to this, how could we feel anxious? what symptoms that stimulate the anxiety?
Indeed studying subject of anxiety is not easy! Frued, the father of psycho-analysis had been working hard for merely this major!
As I've said in my previous posting (Anxiety And Ego Part I) that Freud divided the anxiety into three majors, and I've given a slight information about the first one. The second category of anxiety is moral anxiety. This feeling means that something that punish you, the feeling of shame or guilt. The last one is neurotic anxiety - if you feel overwhelmed all the time or it's uncontrollable, and thank God that I study  psycho-analysis, otherwise I would just call this level of anxiety as a lost mind level aka has a mental problem, in other words we just call it mad ;).
Frued was right about his work in terms of anxiety that this subject is a very hard subject and could not be done in merely with a simple conclusion, moreover, his theory seems more complicated as he added the whole of subjects in psycho-analysis (i.e uncouncious, concious, ego, hysteria, and so on) globally.


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