Cognitive II ; The Continuation Of Rama's Case

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"How many parents ask their children: "How are you today?" - SAM Hanniffy, Psychologist.
Prolog 2
Rama was born in an unhappiness family. Like others unhappy marriage, they both love Rama and attempt to get Rama live with one of them. The unhappy marriage of Rama's parents overwhelmed both of the families. Their unhappiness marriage has happened since Rama was 2 year old. Since their both not happy with their marriage, argument and violence often occured front of Rama. 
He's been growing in a godly enviroment since he lives with his grandma. His childhood lifes has been thaught to a ritulistically of his grandma and its burb.

Case III; The Loving Boy - Rama is very good at making friends and most of his friends like being friends with him. He's also known as a generous boy in school and at home. Although sometimes he becomes very aggresive boy, but he rarely has trouble with his friends (i.e bullying, fighting, etc).
One day, Rama got a news that one of his very close friend has trouble with their house. He told his mom about that straight after he got the news and asked her to go look at his friend's house.
At the  age of 9, rarely a child would feel deeply to somebody elses's affliction, however, Rama has a special concern to what happens with his very close friend. When he saw his friend's house in a terrible condition -the wind destroyed half of the wall of their house- , Rama knows about his friend's poor life and by that he then asking his mom if she could help his friend by giving them money to built back the wall.
His mom thinking so much about what Rama has felt about his friend condition. Wondering how wonderfull her boy's feeling about other people, as she knows that he's been living apart away of both his parents, and in unhappiness infantile lifes.
"We give them some of our money Mom, they won't effort to build it back. You know that they have no money for that" Rama said in a pitty countanance to his mom. In curious to know deeper of what her boy's felt, she continued said: "How much money do you want to give them?". "Enough money to build back the wall?" Rama said enthusiastically.


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