Cognitive II

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Rama is a nine year old boy who just moved to higher grade class. He separates from his mother since he was seven. He's living with his dad and his grandma since then. Rama has a difficulty behaviour such a hyperactive. Apart of his difficulty behaviour he also uphill to concentrate at studying.
In spite of the fact he's kinda an easy going boy and easy to get along with new people. His grandma has been preserved him since the separation, he grows under a slight conservativeness precept of his grandma and the family.
Desire To Loved

The separation of Rama's parents has been built him as a free boy, rules are just a game for Rama. He dislike being at home and prefer to stay outside play with his friends. When his grandma or his dad say something he easily to ignore them and very good at talking back to people, particulary if he disagree with something. His mom often visit him and calls him once every week. He would be glarious happy when his mom reading a book for him before his bed time, his favourite book is about Islam and when his mom reading a book he would easly to get sleep. He laud his mom deeply and always show his mom off to all his friends. He's also very close with his uncle and often spent their weekends together.
In one of cartoons that disported in his room's door, there is a dispurt cartoon entile "No parents no pets". When his mom saw the disport she wondering if he knew the translation of the words, she then asked him politely: "Rama, do you understand what the meaning of these words?" showing him the english words in the cartoon , and Rama answered her mom enthusiastically: "Of course mom!"
Unspoil, Guilt, And Loving Boy
Case I; Guilt Boy - In the morning, as usually Rama kiss his mom hand before he goes to school. One day, He asked his mom if she could walk him to school. His mom said: "You'll be ok Rama, you're a big boy now". Rama's behaviour was fine, as usual, perhaps, Rama feels that the only person he can understand is only his mom. Rama got money pocket daily from his mom, and giving him a note to save some of his money that she gives to him. On that day, in the break-time of his class he's back at home to get drink (Rama's school is not far from where they live). Rama gave his mom Rp 1000 and said to her that he found that money on the road. She took the money and curiously check her wallet. She realised that she lost Rp 1000 of her wallet. In a pull face she said: "Did you steal the Rp 1000 from my wallet?", Rama's face was obvious that he did it. "But why?, haven't you got your money pocket already?, if it's not enough, why did you not just tell me?!, why did you do that?!", she stared at him in very dispointingly face and almost couldn't avoid her tears rolling down her cheek. Rama stared at her, felt in the depth-guilt, but didn't say anything to his mom. His mom went through the room and locked the room. After nearly one hour she was back to the living room, found Rama was still there. Rama looked at her mom in guilt expression, but still said nothing. His mom expected him to say sorry, until a few of hours it still didn't happen. She then decided to talk to Rama in person and closely.
Case II; Unspoil- That day, Rama was brought by his mom to go shopping and spent time together. His mom decided to bring one of his very close friend. They went to plaza with the miscelleneous of children's games, his mom dropped them to the games and by giving them money. 
Rama got a playstation 3 version as a gift from his mom. When they passed a toy shop, he asked his mom to stop. Rama and his friend looked around the shop, and when he looked at a ferrari racing car, he asked his mom if she could buy it for him. His mom shake her head discently. Rama scowled at her. His mom instantly touched his hands softly and said: "Rama, don't be like that. Mommy already bought you a gift. You have to remember that your friend (his very close friend who was with them) is poor and his dad sometimes doesn't even have money to buy food".
After Rama heard what his mom told him, amazingly his face changing and instanly sneering at his mom and said: "Ok mom, I don't want you buy me the ferarri. You've already bought me a gift anyway".
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  1. kisah menarik ferarri,pasti milyader ortu Rama ya.

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    very good emtry...tq visited my blog.

  3. Anak-2 yg hiperaktif mengalami kesulitan belajar karena kesulitan utk konsentrasi ya..?
    Perpisahan orang tua memang berat bagi anak-2. Apalagi jika mereka masih kecil-2.

    BTW, ada 'tawaran' bagi JengSri di The Others... tuh. Coba ditengok ya..?? ^_^


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