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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 8 Comments

I'm sure you know what friendship is, and some of you might ask; "How do I know she/he is a 'true' friend for me? We might have lots of friends but only some 'true' friends we have. When I say 'true' friends means that friends we can talk to, we can share with, Iwecan trust with, and surely who those who close with us and so on.
It's more difficult to find somebody who can trust with than find somebody who can talk with. We can find easly to talk with somebody we just met but how do we know that the person we talk with is a trustworthy person? Sometimes we find some untrustworthy  people who offered us a friendship at the start, just because they curious about us, but then they become a 'judas' after while. I'm sure that some of you probably have met people who treasenous.So how do we find the 'true' friend? This queston is similiar with the question that Mbak Reni has asked as to buddy on her posting.
Can we measure friendship?
Either Mbak reni asks this question as a 'duty' for me -because she knows that I'm doing lots of research-  or just intend to challeng me as a psychologist? ;). Well, I myself have some bad experiences in a friendship, either from the internet nor in the fact life. I avoid to repeat the same story because it's tiring and you might get bored from my story. So I will not tell it again, but if you know what I mean by some untrustworthy friends from the internet that I said earlier, then you know what I'm talking about :). I myself, if I have a bad experience with somebody distrustfull, I will definitely not be getting involve or contacting them anymore. If they apologize for what they've done to me, I will accept it. But that's all I can do. I'm just a human being, I don't want to pretend to be nice with somebody who just destroy my trust, can I? and said: "Alright, I forgive you, lets have some drink to celebrate the new friendship between us". If you can be friend to whom just betrayed you, then I would say to you: "Welldone!".
Friendship is a wonderfull thing that we have ever had in our life. Imagine if the world without friendship? By friendship we find trully a sincereness of love, by friendship we find a home  and warmthness...etc.
So to answer the question of what Mbak Reni has asked about friendship is, I would strictly speaking "A friendship cannot be measured by anything" and "We might able to measure what kind of person she/he is, by linked them to one variable to another". Takes your time to make sure you find the right person to be your bestfriend, no need to hurry. You can do this to whomever you meet. We never know whom would be the right friend for us, until we really know who they actually are, and it takes time.
That's all what I know about a friendship :). You can define it yourself because we certainly have our own perceptions as to friendship :).
Speaking about friendship, JengSRI.Com got another award from Mbak Reni, thank you indeed to Mbak Reni who has been giving awards so many times, and I really apologize if I haven't given any awards to you (or maybe once, hehe).
And here is the beautiful award from Mbak Reni;

DBLN, 12.49-111109


  1. You make answer from reni's question. it is new knowledge for me and about your experience who can be a betrayer to a great guy like you? nice post

  2. you're still my friend, right? :D

  3. You're a charming and warm friend's jeng. Nice friendhip. Nice post.

  4. Hopefully I can go as a trusted friend.

  5. mbak...salam kenal :) aku juga pernah punya pengalaman yg sama, ya itulah dunia ya mbak...tapi yang jelas, tanpa teman dunia rasanya hampa...and I come to tell you, "would u like to be my friend?" hehe..take care mbak :)

  6. You're absolutely right. I gave you the 'duty' because of the reasons that you've mentioned. ^_^
    Thanks for your answer, Sis. I hope we have a true friend.

  7. Memang sangat menyenangkan mempunyai seorang sahabat yang baik dan mengerti perasaan kita.

    Sahabat untuk menjadi tempat bertukar pikiran dan perasaan, tempat berkeluh kesah sekaligus tempat untuk berbagi suka

    Selamat tuk awardnya Jeng, bahagia rasanya ketika mengetahui seorang sahabat merasakan kebahagiaan :)

  8. @Lyna: Iiih Bunda baru nongol lagihhhhh ;)


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