I'm Going To 'Hiatus'?

Thursday, November 19, 2009 Unknown 5 Comments

I think many Indonesian people try to mess up the meanings of english words, such as: "Saya mau 'hiatus' dulu ya dari blogging" and they use the word of 'hiatus' in the punctuality words and even totally wrong. I'm not sure if they don't know how to use the grammar properly or they just make it as a fun. Perhaps they don't care at all about it and take the 'hiatus' in one word and mix them up with bahasa.
Why don't  we use a proper sentence in bahasa instead of  messing up the meanings of the words, anyway? Don't you think it is good knowledge to use a proper english or bahasa? If we unsure how to do it in properly, then why don't we learn to do it properly? (I'm very critical about this as I've been studying as to critical thinking for many years)
Well, I assume everyone has their own style to write, feel, or do something ;).
According to 'hiatus', I just want apologize if (not) visiting back your blog. Really, really, really apologize. Lately I've been very busy with my study research. After my last graduation I straight off take another study to improve my abilities as psychologist by doing a lot of research in behaviourisms.  I try to focus to its but my activities in blogging or facebook slightly disturbing my attention to keep focus while studying. So I decide to give up from blogging or facebook for a while until....whenever I'm free (I wasn't big fans of facebook or blogging beforehands anyway)
I love blogging. I love making friends from blogwalking. In addition I love studying even more. However recently I've been  difficult to focus what I'm doing, moreover I hardly to sleep!
While I'm writing this it's still very early in Dublin, but I'm going (try) to sleep after typing this as I didn't sleep last night until now. Not because I was in the computer, I was in bed but just couldn't sleep at all!
And that's all the announcement or (share) from JengSRI.Com ;).
Oooops, I forget to tell you something, recently I got several comments from anonymous (not bad comments), perhaps he/she didn't understand english because although I've put a note about the rejection to anonym identity, he/she keeps give a comment without identity.
And just want to let you know that this is one of my reasons writing my blog in english.
My Dearest .....,
DBLN, 22.37-181109


  1. He, Jangan lama-lama ya hiatusnya jeng. Semoga studynya lancar. Oh oya, selamat ya sudah jadi calon ibu.

  2. nice posting siz...
    tesisku juga blm selesai2 neh...just like u..susah fokus....;-p

  3. Selamat beraktifitas Diajeng,... moga saja Studi penelitiannya dapat sukses.

  4. hiatus itu mestinya gak pernah update blog, gak pernah bw. itu baru hiatus ya, jeng. kalo aku utk sementara gak bisa bw sering2 krn lagi ada proyek. tapi postingan tetap ada krn udah terjadwal.

  5. Good luck... wish you all the best JS :)


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