Perception And Sensation

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What do you see of the illustration on  the left? I’m sure your first answer is going to be a man with a saxophone.  However, do you realise if there is also another illustration on it? Yes! There’s a woman’s face in the shadow.  The illustration that represented called as an object and when seeing the object stimulate a perception.

This is what we call in psychology as ‘Perception’. And how can we not able to realise both of the illustration in the same time? Or perhaps there some people can easily recognise both of the illustrations in the same time? According to this, when we see the world, the visual of the world involve; depth, colour, size, shape, object recognition.  When seeing the illustration we can only think about what is similar to us –a man with the saxophone-, because this is easier to be perspective by us.  Keep in mind that our assumption or previous knowledge can lead us into false conclusion.

The perception itself is stimulated by our experience and knowledge. The object that seen by us can be manipulated our perception. Therefore the conclusion can be false since we see the object even if there is nothing wrong with the object.

So how can be our perception false?

When we see the world, the visual of our image to the object will involve such as depth, color, size shape, object recognition. According to what has mentioned earlier, therefore a perception is not the same as reality.  Another question is asked, then how do we make sense of the world? The answer is by a sensation – will be explained presently.

However it’s just a sample to introduce you a slight about perception. What I require to mark this time is about a perception through internet and I’m vastly interested on this subject. These days internet has been used by many people all over the world to access their needs. Such as blogging now becomes interestingly to have a society although they don’t know each other. Their communication is only through a comment. Through what they read, they believe the ‘reading’ as a real person.  They sometimes find to get further step to know each other by giving personal information, such as giving their phone numbers.  The perception to the person stimulate through the sensation when reading the person’s blog, letter, text, etc. Nevertheless, through these commotions the perception with the blog becomes a desire to ‘like or dislike’ the writer – remember they begin with reading first - if seems they have a chance to meet in person, then they perhaps would like to take further step in a certain relationship.

The phenomenon above is often happens recently, moreover people sometimes use this as a simple to obtain a partner.  Perhaps it’s difficult for us to distinguish the object whether is false or true through internet. However, some people answer this that they consider with their feeling to say it false or true, but remember the feeling of what they believe derives as of a perception. According to this can well call it as well as a sensation?  As I consider that is due to human’s sensation primarily rely on sight and hearing and their perceptions seemly derive from what they see and hear (if they call each other).

Sensation differs from perception, the structure of seeing the object entirely has diverse majors. However the sensation has five majors or in other hands it calls sensory channel, namely, sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste.

In the case phenomenon above the perception seems intertwined with the sensation. Or perhaps the stimulation of the perception derives from the sensation first –keep in mind; they begin by reading the article from the blog-.
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