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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

My love,
“Don’t hurt someone’s heart!” Said my mom angrily after that boy left home.
“I don’t want to hurt them, but they like being hurt” I replied it to defend myself as I felt I did not make something wrong.
No matter what my Mom taught me how to behave –particularly with a boy that I did not like to see with- I always ignored to what she said. She always reminded the two of her children in her own philosophy: “DO NOT HURT SOMEONE’s HEART”. She believes the consistence of always being good will away evil and leaves you in a peace. I always never listened to her as it seemed did not make sense for me. Moreover I often laughed at her. I was so bad, eh?
It was a long ago. I was still immature and had no idea how to up against to someone I did not like with. Thank God that I am studying Psychology so I can understand the aim of her absurd philosophy.
“Prove it if it seems absurd. You had better tell me with a knowledge rather than just laughing at me” Said my Mom once I laughed of what she said.
And you know what? I just realise it how my mom encourage me to keep learning; by word “Prove it”.
·         By learning we will be able to know who we are
·         By learning we know more love than hate
·         By learning you are away from folly
·         By learning we will become virtue
·         By learning the world is yours
Thank you Mom. Thank you for approaching me a different method about LEARNING. Whatever titles I got, I am still beyond your virtue. I am just born as baby. You are the master of any masters in LEARNING. Happy mother's day Mom.
With lots of love,
DBLN, 12.38-221209


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