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I know that when you read the title above you will get bored quickly. It is boring because it’s about humanity, and certainly reminds you of religion lesson or Pendidikan Moral Pancasila’s lesson perhaps? Or you might even critically angry at me. Don’t think that I choose this lemma because I am a teacher of PMP, or a religious person who studying in Cairo, or the opposite that mentioned above. I am not any of them. As a country that teaches us with Pancasila’s methods, certainly I am wondering: Is this country really Pancasila? Don’t take it seriously if you have no the answer. I have no the answer either. However, here is a story of my own experience below which perhaps give a slight knowledge to all of us.

I was graduation from a Christian secondary school. This became a controversial in the environment where I was living with. I myself and certainly the entire of my family is ottoman. Many our neighbourhood asked how my mom could take me to Christian school as she was a hajj. The issue about a religion was very sensitive at the time and hitherto I assume, so whatever answer my Mom gave to them, they could not understand, or they may intentionally not to understand at all, moreover perhaps they were just being so selfish to themselves.
My Mom knew that there were many Islam’s schools in Jakarta and she could take me to one of those schools, but she definitely had a strong reason why she took me in a Christian school. The reason was a very simple: She wanted me to learn new things from other religions. That is all. So what the advantage could I get after all? I don’t need to tell you what advantage that I got from the new things, do I? Alright, I will tell you. It was Love and friendship.

Have you ever had a best friend who has differences in religion and culture with you? So you know what I am talking about in here.
Soon after my graduation from the Christian school, my Mom said: “You are now known what you are going to do with so-called diversity”.
I read about an article in blog writing about an activity of an Indonesian actress who she herself has been so wonderful helping poor children, which was the society, was under Christian’s society. For sure, he was a teacher. He critically wrote about her activity, for which I thought there was definitely nothing wrong to be criticised in her social activity. When I read this article I smiled at it. In addition I worry if his thought influent his students not to help other people than ottoman.
Don’t you think it’s scary?
In fact it happens too often in daily life. People occasionally too busy thinking about themselves, and being selfish to themselves. They are pathetic losers, because something is already missing from their brain. They have forgotten about so-called love. They don’t know love in diversity.
You might have something to criticise of what I have already written above. Regardless of what you think right now; I am unintentionally to assign a messy perception to you. I might need to remind myself and perhaps all of us what we have learnt in Pancasila.
Everyone knows what humanity is, particularly us, Indonesian who always reading PANCASILA at school on Monday in each week. I bet, although you are away from Indonesia or you are a senior (Senior is for oldster in American English); you might be still remember PANCASILA quiet clearly. Obviously, because we read it since we were in college, right? And have you ever realised how much connected is PANCASILA to the HUMANITY? You might easily to answer this: Pancasila is about humanity. Yes, certainly it is. Pancasila lead us how to behave and think in its methods. As well as religion edify us to be good person. Is that really true? You give me the answer.
All the scriptures lead us to clearly knowledge how to have a happy life in diversity. But once again, we are too selfish to ourselves to think that we better than other people.

If you are human, you know what love is,

DBLN, 23.26-241209


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