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This is a draft posting that suppose to be posted by a month ago. However I was indeed in the gold brick.    

I spent my last Saturday night at home by watching an Indonesian movie entitled “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih”. I remember I commented on someone’s blog that I didn’t like the movie  -although  I haven’t watched it yet-  as he compared a brilliant art to some of Indonesian movies in which  I assumed the arts are incomparable, particularly with such as an Indonesian movie like Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.  Not all Indonesian movies are bad –Not intending try to be nice with my own country-, there certainly some of Indonesian movies that we can proud off e.g. Cut Nyak Dien, or perhaps you can suggest another?  I’m interested in the major of this movie (i.e. Islam), and there is some good points to this movie.

The movie is originally inspired from a book that written by the  same writer of Ayat-ayat Cinta. Habiburahman El Shirazy is currently the most inspired religious writer in South Asia, particularly in Indonesia. The first booming movie that is inspired from his book is Ayat-ayat Cinta.
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movies is just like other Indonesian movies, full of romantic story and depressing scenes and sometimes I think too much or not matched with the criteria on their acting. Possibly this type movie, romantic and depressing acts made to show how grassroots in Indonesia behave and think about life in general?

The movie is taken in Cairo which is the country that the most Indonesian students embark for studying about Islam’s majors.  Generally the actors and the actress in Ketika Cinta bertasbih’s movie they are new in the acting spheres.  It’s slightly similar with “Ayat-ayat Cinta” which was also at that time the most booming movie in the Indonesian movie’s productions.  Either the story or the location they both seem similar. In addition Ketika Cinta Bertasbih and Ayat-Ayat Cinta  are made in Egypt with the atmosphere Indonesian student activities.  

Here is a slight review about the movie of Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.

Azzam (Am I right spelling his name?) is an Indonesian student who has been spending his life in Cairo for almost 9 years. In addition he makes his own small entrepreneur, namely by making ‘tempe’- an Indonesian traditional food made of soybean-  to help his study as well as family’s financial. In pursuits of his future wife, he meets a woman who is known as the daughter of ambassador called Elliana.  Since he finding that she’s not a type of woman his looking for, he accidently meets a woman who is also later he recognise as his friend’s fiancée. Azzam indispensable admire a type of woman with a headscarf and with the same view as to life and religion, i.e. Islam.  However, his emotion to his friend’s fiancée seems far beyond his reach.  

Although this is not my type movie but I take the positive remains in this movie. And I’m deadly curious to the end of this story as the movie ended when Azzam was back to Indonesia with Elliana and until I write this, I still can’t find the continuation for the movie.  However, I might be able to guess what the end of the story in the movie.  Is it happy ending?  
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