Phenomena Of The Parapraxes; Human Being's Errors

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It is so grateful that I am finally able to survive and writing something again on this fabulous blog’s society. I intended to write about a story in the past which it is about a story of my teenager hood, but then I decided to write another instead as at the moment my moods in studying has already effected me to write something else.
A couple of days ago I started to read a book of Sigmund’s Freud according to Parapraxes. Today I have just finished the conclusion of the first chapter of his book. The book is entirely impressed me as this subject learnt in the first year of my Psychology degree. In addition he is also my favourite idol in the history of Psychology. Although you are not basically studying Psychology I am sure you will be interested in this subject since this subject i.e. Parapraxes are liable to everyone. 
So what exactly do parapraxes mean?
According to Freud definition parapraxes are the physical acts which appear to be unintentionally and mistaken by a person.  In other words it can also be called as faulty acts or faulty functions. In it original word the faulty acts or faulty functions derive from fehlleistungen, which is it the translation of the German’ word. Some of examples of the parapraxes can be found in our everyday life; for instances, you may intend to say one thing, but you say another.
Let me tell you about the most common parapraxes that occur in our daily life. The example of this remind me of my psychology lecture when she gave a lecture in psychology.  She pointed out the word of ‘orgasms’ instead of saying ‘organisms’ that was clearly seen in the projector. Her intention to say organism perhaps disturbed because at the end of the both words the pronunciation seems similar with another. But how could the slip of the tongue happen as she said it in her own language? There is still further information about this and I apologize if I cannot explain them all on this paper. I might write the continuation of this furthermore later.  However, according to the phenomena that just given above called as slip of the tongue. Like other parapraxes phenomena; the slip of the tongue seem normally often happen to us by our consciousness and unconsciousness, which means depend on how vigorously the disturbed can effect us on that situation. While you read the example above, you might be thinking of your own experience, and ask me, ‘is that normal phenomena?’ 
According to Freud phenomena of the Parapraxes are nothing to do with illness. As I just said earlier Parapraxes are liable to everyone who means even a very healthy person and a well-formed person can be liable to Parapraxes. However in some situation being ill or disturbance may stimulate to parapraxes occur. These cases can be explained and investigated in a psychological explanation. However there are some of phenomena that will not be part of psychology. These phenomena according to Freud called as mental phenomena. In addition, Freud described further that phenomena is a mental process and they all have a sense.
Lets us back to what I have said earlier about slip of the tongue. In slip of the tongue they are separated in three divisions namely, slip of the pen, misreading and mishearing. What do I mean by all these three divisions?
Here the example of the three divisions, and I am going to give the examples of my own experience.
Slip of the pen
I often make errors when I write an English essay. This is certainly normal as English is not my first language. On the other hands I also quite often make mistake when I write in my own language, which is in Bahasa. A nagger came from my lecture as I wrongly wrote his name I wrote his last name with Botteno instead of Bottone. My intention disturb because I was always nervous thinking of his lecture, particularly in his exam. The nervous of thinking about his lecture apparently disturb my purpose to write his name correctly although I have read his name for almost a year!
I am sure everyone has done this as well. I had this about two days ago in a society blog and suddenly I remember to put this experience as one of the parapraxes phenomena.  Someone gave a comment in one of my article. I read fully his comment and soon after I read I replied his comment. After an hour I was back to my article and read his comment which was the same comment that I had reply before. When I reread his comment I just realised that I had given a totally wrong point of view to his comment  in which he mentioned something else that I unexpected.
I will be back in another times with the same article in further explanation.
Winter In Dublin,
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