The Snow And The Happiness

Thursday, December 17, 2009 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

It’s been quite long time that I haven’t touched this blog. And how long I haven’t been blog walking? Hmm, quite long I guess. I MISS YOU. Really miss you so much. I suddenly remember this blog and yearning to write this when I look at the snow out side of the window.
The research that I’m doing now has been made me enormously busy, and nearly three days I have been stuck in the research. I will be going for another psychologist test on the 9 of January 2010, and I really need good mark and pass the test otherwise it will be over. You know how badly I yearn for this, therefore I cannot think about anything except STUDY.
I have passed my previous test with satisfy mark and I am so happy for that. I finally get my concentration back after trying hard to get it back. Well, here I am with a big smile when I write this. With 91.5 % mark result I’m now more confident for the next test. Wish me luck love!
You know how much I miss you. All what I wish for you is keep writing and blogging.
DBLN, 16.45-171209


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