The Wish -Fullfilment Of Dreams

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My love,
I am back here again. I attempt to be more relaxed today as I had been studying hard since 2 months ago. Well, as I have written in my previous post that my psychologist test will come soon on the 9th, 11th, 15th, and 17th of January, so I need to prepare the whole of the Psychology’s subjects perfectly.  Again, wish me luck love.
One of the subjects that come out on the test will be about the interpretation of dreams. This subject then soon becomes an idea for me to write it on my online diary, particularly to write and interpret my own dream.
Before I study Psychology, I had been told by many people and specially my mom that dreams had meanings. My mom is one of the other people who believe that dreams are symbols of something for the future of our life. Certainly it distrusted and irrational thought to be trusted by me. However I change my view on this since I study the theory of Freud to the interpretation of dreams.
Let’s just go to the topic. I have been dreaming the same man who I never met before. I wrote about the previous dreams about him on my other blog. Usually I always remember my dreams clearly, but I can only remember some of my dreams last night. And that was when he touched my hands.
“We were walking on ...  somewhere, he looked unconfident about something, yet he did not want to look at me. I kept stare at him, looked at his eyes..... And feeling tired of something, but kept stay beside him instead of leaving him... he suddenly looked at me, reached my hand, touched it, and held it gently....”
When I flashback to all my previous dreams, I realise how all the dreams appear in different stories, but they all tell me the same signs namely sadness and happiness.  Perhaps my wishes stimulate to visualize a happy life with him; meanwhile there is a lack communication between us in the reality, for which later on the visualization to happinnes perhaps carry the happiness into my dreams?
The phenomenon in dream derives from so-called a wish. Aside from wish, it also derives from experiences which are involves visual, images, feelings and thoughts. My wish to him is I can perhaps talk to him personally, wittingly he will tell me what he feels about everything. This unfulfilled wish then soon evokes me to so-called the dream-work. And my little experience with him, enhancing to additional imagination for the wish-fulfilment.
So are those dreams a symbol to something?
Good night love,
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