Descriptive Research; Experiment In Psychology

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There are three of research methods in psychology namely; descriptive research, correlation research and experiment research; descriptive research is the most method I prefer to do in my research. Although I also like to do the other research in my research, but I assume descriptive research is more naturally in its method since the group is not controlled and manipulated by researcher. 

What does descriptive research mean? 

Descriptive research according to psychology is an experiment that study human and animal’s behaviour in a natural setting. Case study, Naturalistic observation and Survey are also categorized in descriptive research.  

Case Study 

At the very beginning I study Psychology this method has taken my attention to specially study it further. The feature of this research is due to provide rich data for the research. For instance, you may still remember my essay about Rama who separated from his parents. This case was studied almost 5 years ago. Rama’s case categorized as part of case study as its data already provide. In this case study I observed Rama’s behaviour in a natural setting, and avoided to get involve in Rama’s life. This is the reason we call it natural setting. The subject we observe uncomprehending that they have been observed.

Naturalistic observation 

In naturalistic observation has similar research in case study. The observation is setting naturally. Many of psychologists recently are using this method to observe a bully in school. Likely case study; researcher set up their observation in a natural setting by avoid to get involved in a class. The purpose of this research is to find out why some peer avoids helping the victim.  

Naturalistic observation research is also used to observe in animal’s behaviour such as observing orang utan while learning to use human’s tools. 


Type of this research usually used to get a vote in an issue. For instance, "which politic party is going to win in 2011?"  

All these three type of descriptive research provide rich data on the subject, and this may advantage while doing the research. However this research also has disadvantage as it slightly withhold explanation in the cause-effect.
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