Feeling And Mind (A requirement of Om Basri)

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According to Om Basri’s requirement a couple of days ago: “ Ani, duluan mana lahirnya : instinct atau feeling dengan fikiran ?” It supposed to answer on Sunday; however, I was on my holidays after the long month in a reaseach ;now, I will attempt to give my best answer. As I mentioned in my answer according to its question that the question can be answered in three different type of answers; and these type of answers divided into three theories namely; theory of philosophy, theory of psycho-analysis, and theory of psychology. As Om Basri already said they must be intertwined to each other; and I will agree with it.

Here is my explanation why I agree with it: They are intertwined due to theory of philosophy and theory of psycho-analysis is part of psychology’s subjects. Thus, when we talk about psychology it will lead us to a brief story of philosophical theory, psycho analytic theory, and psychology. However, since the 20th century many ‘thinkers’ began to ask the validity of philosophy and psycho-analysis knowledge, psychology was intuitive for its validity, which means every theories of both fields practised and theorized by a valid experiment i.e. proven by a science method for its valid. Science itself was intuitive from one of philosophy’s branches.

Before I answer Om Basri’s question I shall remind him, or whoever read this, that every answers may affect to his/your knowledge and his/your beliefs. Therefore, whichever the question takes, please remember, it’s all about theory of knowledge. We may believe or disbelief, or even argue it, but we’d better had a good proportion in its knowledge to discuss about it otherwise let’s just read it leave it in a peace. My writing is not for gaining comments; I prefer a comment that lead us to a discussion rather than just ‘comment’.

I am sorry if I have to tell this. Sometimes someone gives unrelated comment with my writing just only to get a visit back. And sometimes somebody just asked a question straight away and when I answered it he stubbornly argue it although he realised that he did not have any knowledge to what he questioned. If I don’t continue its discussion that because I avoid a compound fracture between us. I know that everyone has different method according to their own purpose at writing; therefore let’s keep respect to each other styles and let’s we discuss something smartly according to our knowledge.

*Theory of Philosophy*

One of branches in philosophy that study about behaviour and mind is called philosophy of mind. There is a particular subject that can lead us to understand about the mind-body problem, it’s called dualism. Dualism studies feeling and mind works. In theory of dualism, it considered that the work of feeling and mind depends on the condition of our mental events and physical events. This is a very huge topic, and it’s impossible to give a simple conclusion in this subject as this area is still studied by those professional philosophers. And I this is not my particular subject of area.

However, I’ll give just a simple of imagery; suppose feeling is X and mind is Y. The event of X caused by event of Y; or can be the opposite. Y must contribute something to X, or conversely. When I feel pain I could think to cry or not to cry (my thought influenced by the surroundings). Furthermore, it also depending on the condition mental or physical the persons (I will explain further on the next writing in the theory of psycho-analysis).

Om Basri’s question remind me of a joke question such as: “Which is born first egg or chicken?” My answer was (I was 15 years old when this question was asked by my brother): “Of course chicken first as God doesn’t create egg”. Well, it was 17 years ago.

Will be continued....

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