Get Your Own Spa At Home

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 7 Comments
Worry about spending money at spa as it cost you too much? Well, here is another way how to keep your spa routines go; what you need is only how creative you are to decorate your bathroom and things are nice just like a spa. If you often to spa, you will find no difficulty to do kind of these things.
What you need first is buy all the spa stuffs. There are a lot of shops selling spa stuffs. I recommend buying in Boots as it just perfect shop for women and men beauty stuffs; just go to the spa section and you will find vary of spa stuffs. Remember not to crazy to buy all things. Buy only something that you the most feel like to use it, for instance, you feel like want to rose smell, or jasmine smell; buy one of them only. Don’t try to mix them together. What you need from doing spa at home is to get a relax feeling; so buy only one of kind smells.
Candles can be a very good idea as well; Have a look in Yankee as Yankee provides a variety of candles.
If you already have your spa needs; make sure your bathroom is clean before you put everything in the bathroom such as fresh flower if your prefer. Put clean towel beside your bathroom. And remember to turn off your phone before you do your own spa at home. This is your a relax time. No one can disturb you. After all, enjoy your spa at home!


  1. spam commenting activated..
    is this paid review..? Teach me English dunk.. :)

  2. oooooppppsssss.... ada dollar

  3. kalo ada link2nya pasti lah paid review ;). Buka kamus kalau mau belajar bahasa inggris yaaaaaa, jangan pake translation, hihihi

  4. ehehhehhe.. kalo saya sih pakai gugel trenslet terus kalo ada terjemahan yang ngaco2 ya saya perbaiki.. tapi kadang ada yang dalam bahasa inggris saya mengerti maksudnya tetapi ketika membahasa INdonesiakan menjadi sulliittt!!... huh huh..

    oh iya jeng bedanya
    I am not doing anything
    I don't do anything
    atau ada salah satunya yang salah?
    suka kejebak sama yang simpel2 tapi mematikan

  5. dua2nya itu bener le,

    I am not doing anything: ini lebih spesifik kepada penunjukan lamanya waktu. yang artinya mungkin kamu gak ngerjain apa2 sejak pagi, atau beberapa jam terakhir sebelumnya hingga sekarang.

    I don't do anything: Ini lebih menunjukkan kepada statement. seperti contoh:

    Jeng: what did you do to my pet?
    Aprillin: I didn't do anything.

    Pengekspresiannya bisa bermacam2 dari contoh kedua diatas. Banyak2 deh baca buku bahasa inggris. Jangan keseringan translit bahasa inggris, nanti malah bingung. kalau dah paham sama maksud dari bahasa inggrisnya, ya udah. jangan di translit ke bahasa indonesia.

  6. nah kalo..
    JengSri: What did you do to my pet?
    Aprillins: I smacked it few hours ago... atau I've smacked it few hours ago
    yang bener mana?
    atau pake 'a'
    I smacked it a few hours ago?

    NOTE: bukan aprillin tapi aprillins .. huh huh.. merek ni.. :p

  7. Wedew yang punya merk, heuheue...sorry salah...

    Yang bener yg pertama I smacked it. gak perlu pake penunjukkan waktunya.


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