How To Get Ideas For Writing On Blog

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Hello bloggers,

It’s good to be back in here and giving information about the whole things. Many of my friends ask about how I could write so many articles in one day, especially with lots of blogs. Well, recently I only write 2 to 3 blogs. JengSRI.Com and JengSRI’s Diary are my priority to up-date, but sometimes I write on another blog Si Gembel Sastra, which is about poem.

My diligent in writing is obviously because I love writing, and also yearn for improving my knowledge by sharing it with you. A lecture of mine said: “The best learning is teaching, and the best teaching is learning”, according to this I consider that by giving information to other people about your own knowledge that means you have been teaching yourself to learn deeper. What a wonderful quotation.

I like to use my spare time in writing; and my ideas are mostly coming from my blog readers. Their comments inspired me to discuss it on my blog.  I take all their comments in a variety of ideas for my articles. Usually from just one article I can get 3 to 5 topics to write for the next article. So, you can imagine where the ideas will be stop? It will be nonstop ideas.

If you start it your writing just from a simple thing such as comments from your readers; then you won’t need worry about how to get ideas of writing on your blog.

One thing you may also need remember as a writer blog; do not copy any article from others sites, books, magazine. You may allow getting ideas from other such as criticize the article or argue the article; or make expand it with your own article and your own thought.  If you want to give exactly the same words as others, then you must give a reference at the end of your post.

Although you may not a professional writer, you may need show our ability that at least we know about writing and we can write about something in our own style. So let’s avoid plagiarism. Happy writing!


Nice saying shows your character but that doesn't mean you can criticize. You can still do both in nice and polite way.

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