How to Increase Your Income And Visitors Through Blogging

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Don’t tell me that you don’t know about blogging. Blogging activities have known as one of great opportunity for those who looking more income in their spare time. Yet this great opportunity is also supported by many free hosting such as Blogspot and Wordpress. What a good opportunity!

Let’s talk a slight about Blogspot. Blogspot is just a perfect hosting for most Bloggers; I love so much using blogspot. I got 3 blogs on blogspot in total! Moreover, they are now trying to progress their features by giving more feature in the body template. So far Blogspot give no difficulties in monetizing blog. I mean, not like other free hosting. From my own experience, most advertisers give a specific free hosting to join with them. Therefore I only put Blogspot to 4 my main advertisers as they accept Blogspot hosting only, or specific domain such as paid domain.

Another interesting stuff while you blogging is called business web directory. I myself just start to learn about this; it provides such as information about free we directory and quality directory. So, if you interested in directory, just click one of the links.

So, you get free hosting and money from blogging!

And another good thing from blogging is there is no specific skill requires for doing this. What you only need is keep up to date your blog; and also make a society through networks. Is that all?


So how do we get the visitors and the income then?

It’s easy. There may something that you need while you Blogging such as editing html that needs your skill about it. Don’t worry about this; ask your society that you join with. There is plenty information about blogging that you can ask for. Try Google; it’s the most recommended site to ask. You will learn naturally by just typing it! And all the information will come to you easy and quickly!

You get job, money, and visitors. Now what? Increase them.

Keep your old methods to start a new plan. You know already how to get visitors for your blog, job and paid. Now, you are willing to expand your blog and job.

Let’s do it then. Track down your old methods to give you new ideas. Your old methods will give you a conception for the next plan. Do not leave any information that gives you new skills or jobs. Take all of them. Put on the list. Revise them. And take the best information that appropriate to you.

Make sure your blog contains are qualified enough if you seek to more jobs while blogging. Remember, most advertisers will take only good blog; the criteria of good blog is a blog that write about useful information and up to date.

Giving comment to each other in blogging atmosphere can be also giving you excitement in blogging activity. Such as blog-walking is a very common activity in blogging atmosphere. By doing this, you will not realise how your traffic and page rank grow fast.

Put your blog in a society as many as you can. For the best, put bookmark at the end of each your post; this will track your blog in Google if people search words that related to your blog. Network such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, etc can be good idea to increase your visitors.

After all, make fun while you blogging. It’s just as easy as you typing it.


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