How We Understand Reality

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So glad that I am finally able to write again!
Here is the new topic that I will give to you. It’s about reality.
I am writing this dedicated to in encouraging to get done his thesis. This subject is not my particular subject in psychology, and I know that is not doing this subject specifically either. However, I am indeed interested in this subject due to perhaps can be one of ideas to my research. knows more than me in the philosophy’s field as he is a student of philosophy in a very dedicated university in Java. As he is certainly has better knowledge in this field, so I may not write perfectly in this subject.
Let s get start it!
If you are being asked by someone what the significance of reality is, you may easily to answer it according to your own experience. However I find it quite interesting in the definition of the reality of the Plato’s theory of reality.
Plato believed that reality was the form of two separate worlds. His implication to this can be found in his theory of divided line and allegory of the cave. Let’s begin with the theory of divided line first.  The forms of visible world described as objects or things that shine through sun, whereas the reflection of the sun to the object that we see is images or shadows.  Plato describe further the implicit of this theory in allegory of cave; a group of prisoners who intermeshed chains in a cave, seeing the object as reality, which the shadow was the reflection of the sun.
 Still in the theory of divided line; another part of forms that present us understanding and reason is called as intelligible world.  The forms of the intelligible are defined as mathematics and science, these forms which later will lead our thought to understand and reasoning to every objects that perceived.
Can you get it? I guess not.
It is quite difficult to understand this theory, particularly if you never studied the Plato’s theories. I had studied this along ago, more than 7 years ago. Alright, I will continue to the next theory of his theory to allegory of the cave. I hope you can get the light to this in my explanation in terms of so-called reality. This theory is the continuation of Plato’s theory to divided line.  The theory of divided line is waking up us to the allegory of the cave.
The prisoners in the allegory of the cave interpreted as us, the human beings. We think that we see reality, which it is actually shadow reflection through the sun to the object. However, the reality found outside of the cave by one of the prisoners who is known as the philosopher.  
Alright, I think I am done in here. My interpretation to his theory can be described simpler than description above. Let’s see the simple phenomena that ongoing now in the blog atmosphere (I love so much to take this as instance!) And I am going to give a hint to this particular observation.
Suppose people like to write something online; they are known now as blogger. The liveliness of blogging conscious or unconsciously become a depiction of reality to them, which later it lead them to emphasis the objects that seen to become real, i.e. feeling that they are in love with somebody through online.  This is hardly to believe, however the phenomena has spread to most all internet activities, including internet networks.
How do these people think of reality according to their minds?
You and they certainly have own opinion. However, I have no opinion. I only have one thing to describe this, and it is of what called by KNOWLEDGE

Happy New Year,
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