Interpreting Psychal Phenomena In Parapraxes

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You might still remember with my previous posting in regard to parapraxes. In my previous posting I accounted slight information, included its instances about what parapraxes is.  To refresh your memory again, I will rewrite slight about it. Parapraxis is a slip that occurs unintentionally in our act.  In other words it also can be called as faulty acts or faulty function. There are many causes of the determinism in terms of what stimulating the errors; however, Freud believed that the primary of the cause to the error relies on the unconscious.  Yet, later in his theory he accounted the parapraxes with unconscious intentionally. This is which later lead us for interpreting the errors; that the phenomena in the parapraxes has a sense, and can interpret them psychologically.
I have also given some instances in terms of the parapraxes phenomena such as slip of the pen and misreading, which was taken from my own experience. However, in my previous examples to the slips, did not really give toward act interpretation.
I shall give another instance which is easy to us to interpret it. And again I will take this from my own experience. The instance that you read below is comparative as unconscious intentionally.
“I was just back from my holiday, in Spain.  Soon after I arrived in Dublin airport, I took a queue in the immigration office. When my turned was coming to give the passport, I unconsciously said ‘Ola’ to the immigration staff office, which means ‘Hello’.....”
My unconsciousness appears as I used to say ‘Ola’ during my holiday in Spain. The excitement after coming back from the holiday, perhaps evoke my unconsciousness to said ‘Ola’; however, on the other hands I also intentioned to show off the happiness back from holiday.
The phenomenon above is also categorized as a slip of the tongue, but in the particular description for the parapraxes.
However, this theory of errors also reminds me of what Freud said in his lecture regarding to the sexual life of human beings; that sexual instinct, eros, and the libido, is the stimulus of driving our acts.  According to this, the faulty acts may occur because of the impression of the libido; desire of our sexuality life.  I will account further to his theory according to the sexual life of human beings in a separate section.  
Let’s back to former example a week ago.  Remember with the slip of the tongue that mentioned by my lecture? She unconsciously said ‘Orgasm’ instead of ‘Organism’. She was very lovely lecture, and I loved the way she lectured us. She was still very energetic although she was in her 50 something.  Her voice was loud, and clear when presenting the modules. Full excitement and very dedicated as lecture.  I bet most students loved her as well. Her posture body and voice when teaching shown her ability that she sought all her students understand her class.
In her slip of the tongue, she may intentioned to say ‘orgasm’ in a different ways in term of what she thought about her student; she sought her students satisfy in her class, or she sought all her students get good mark in exam. However, the slip of the tongue may occur because the words familiar in pronunciation.
Will be back with the continuation and certainly with a new knowledge!
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