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Recently my blog has been visited by lovely readers namely, Babeh Helmi and Rosiy. I should continue to write about the theory of knowledge as Babeh Helmi seems very interested in this subject. Yet, another reader, Rosiy has nicely asked an excellent question regarding to Plato’s theory of knowledge.  Thank you for both of you who already inspired me and pay attention to this apprentice level marks; however, as I promise you to continue it in another times, thus I already write some paragraphs in my blog draft, and will post it as soon as possible.

So, what is the topic today?  
Today’s topic is the most interested topic that I have ever written in my entirely blogging story. Let’s talk about sexual life of the human beings. For sure, this context will be cover with legal knowledge, which means it’s derives from academic knowledge. I will not writing something that link to knowledge with no giving its relation to academic reference. Remember of what I said in my previous posting in regard to fake expertise in Indonesia? Well, its pity phenomena to see how grassroots uncomprehending to distinguish the real knowledge and the fake one; particularly if it is required excellent skills in its fields.
Let’s just back to the former topic.
I will refer this article with Freud reference. I am sure though you are not basically student of psychology, but you might have heard his name quite well. He is well-known as the father of psycho-analysis. I admire him badly as my favourite idol in the psychology history; even before I went study for psychology.  Most of his works in psycho-analysis are outstanding and remarkable such as Parapraxes, Interpretation of dreams, Anxiety, conscious and unconscious, Neurosis, sexuality and libido.  However, I assume the sexuality and libido is the most interested work for all student psychology.
Why is so interesting?
In his lectures to sexuality and libido he argued that the main stimulus that evoke our acts are sexual instinct, eros, and libido. Eros is taken from Greek words; this context signifies as sexual love. Furthermore, he described that human’s sexual instinct begins since in the infantile stage.  On this very early stage defined as oral stage; the stage considered by Freud as the very beginning that human beings acquaintance to sexual life i.e. the pleasure that given by parents or nurses.  The primary of this the very beginning in the sexual life of human beings according to Freud is when baby sucking e.g. sucking mother’s breast, sucking thumbs. This theory is well-known in Freud’s works in the sexual development.  
The stages of the psychosexual development in his essays divided in to several of stages. And again, there is one stage Freud really focused about, the stage which is called as Phallic; in between age 4 to 6 year. The stage focused in Oedipux (boys) complex - theorized by Freud and Electra (Girls) complex - theorized by Jung.
The aim of his purpose in theory of sexuality is that our sexuality instinct derives from an obsession to our parents. Many people disagree with this; is this kind a joke, or mental problem of analysis? However, his analysis in psychosexual development has carried a clear description how the sexual instincts of the human being develop.
Are you getting interested? Let’s continue then.
As I mentioned in the early paragraph, in the very early stage (Oral stage), we naturally acquaintance by so-called sexuality; specifically, this very beginning stage until Latency Stage (the stage where puberty began, in between 7-10 year), these stages according to Freud is as a development to  recognize the sexual life. I shall go to the previous stage that called Oedipux complex, which rears before the Latency Stage, but this description will then become a long essay to write, and I assume you’ll be not interested anymore to read this as you may get bored soon.
So, how the libido evokes our act?
In the child’s stages, objects such as doll or toys are used as a diversion from their libido. Freud believed that libidinal is content ‘Id’, the significance of Id known as ‘looking for pleasure and avoid pain’. This is what really very interesting, as if we look at our self, we occasionally dominant by this feeling i.e. looking for pleasure and avoid pain.
Aside from those causes-effects above in terms of sexuality and acts; ego also involves in evoke our acts. What a beautiful knowledge.
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