What You Should Know About Make Up

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This is first time I like to write about make up; though I like this kind of things but I never write it on my blog. I’m inspired when I am thinking to change my make-up from Clinique to Mineral. I have been using Clinique since the past of two years; so far they give no problem to my skin. However, Mineral seems give more natural contain substance than Clinique.

For all girls, using make up may be necessary for their appearance and as natural needs. Don’t you think so? I think so. I know about make up since I was a teenager; let’s say since I was secondary. My mom always appears with very nice appearance and with beautiful make up looking. And the most inspiring is she never took long when using make up. Since then I learn from her how to use make up properly in quick way.

I will write more about how to make up without take long on next post. This is what all men hate it from women because we always take long for make-up; they only like to see when it’s already look beauty, but not waiting while we put make up on, I guess :).

Anyway, let’s back to topic.

Here are some of my tips what you should know before you put on your make up;

First thing what you should know when you want to use make up is know what type of your skin is. Most girls don’t think about this carefully. They just buy lots of make-up which may be not good for their skins. Know what your type of skins will help you from skin problems that may happen if the products inappropriate with your skins.

Seek a beauty consultant if you unsure about your type skins.

2. Weather

What is the related weather and make up? It is much related, dear. You can’t use a winter season product of make up while it’s in summer season. If you have no problem with it before, you may continue to use it; however make sure it will not affect your skin later.

Weather can be very affected your skin, particularly when you wear make up. There is no exception even the product is good on your skin. I myself find it a problem with the product that I usually use such as Clinique. I usually use Clinique while I am in Ireland; however it doesn’t seem alright on my skin when I get back to in Indonesia as weather in Indonesia is quite hot; I have to change different product to keep away my skins from irritating.

3. Quality product

Buy and use only quality product that already tested by trusted company. I know that quality product sometimes is so expensive; a quality product usually takes longer to use, from 3 to 6 months as you only need take a small amount of size from the cream. It will be different if you use inequality product.

So, give a chance for your skin.

4. Age
Make sure that you know about your type product according to your age. Do not buy product if it doesn’t appropriate to your age. You can’t buy teenager make up just because you think that it will make you look younger. Getting old is getting old. You only need how to take care of your skin. So, be wise.

Regardless of what product you take, remember to always know your type skins.

Happy make up girls!

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