4 Easy Steps How To Get Money From Blogging

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Many blogger still don’t realise that they can get good income while blogging; sometimes even they know already about this they are just lazy to do it --- I do a bit survey to some bloggers who often to up-date their blog --- and most of their answers is they’re just lazy to do it, although their blog’s rank is good enough to put in a blog advertiser. They also think that is quite difficult as the review has to be in English, and also they say because too much hazel need to be done; is that really what you think about reviewing a product?

To get a job while blogging is as easy as you start your blog at the beginning. What you need is only your motivation to keep developing your blog to be qualified blog. 

1. Build your blog

Don’t think about a difficult subject when you think about qualified blog; think about something that make you enjoy when you write it. Some bloggers start their blog from an online diary; they write about their daily life, poetry, recent news, etc. Just keep writing, and see how you get on with your blog.

2. Submit your blog to advertiser

If your blog already have some posts, then try to submit to an advertiser such as Sponsored reviews

Some advertisers have specific requirements in a blog; make sure you’ve checked all the requirements before you add your blog to their website. Usually their requirements are only about rank; so if you already had rank -- minimum page rank is 1--- you may add your blog; but remember, every advertisers has different requirement; so make sure you read carefully all the information needs.

3. Scam of advertisers

Anything else that you must know is be very careful when choosing advertiser. Read the whole information before you add your blog; particularly in the payment section. Avoid advertiser that seems bizarre, particularly in the payment section. 

I will recommend you to take only advertisers that have a short distance in the payment such as Sponsored review. 

Sponsored review

Sponsored reviews is a great advertiser, and I think this company is the most favourite advertiser for most bloggers. To get review from Sponsor review, you need at least page rank 3 and your blog has to be in English. Your blog will be rejected if it’s not under requirements. 

Another great thing from sponsor review is the paid is pretty high ----- you can even bid your price until $ 500 --- WaaW! also, if there any advertisers like your blog, you will be contacted by them to review their product, although you don’t bid them.

4.  Paypal account

Having an account Paypal is another thing you need to know to get this job.  It’s so easy to create account Paypal. Go to Paypal’s site and then follow the instruction how to sign up.
After all,  enjoy your blogging and get the income ^__^!

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  1. Setuju jeng,tapi jarang dapat job dari SR,padahal sering ngeBID.


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