The affections of deleting some posts

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Unknown 2 Comments

Hey bloggers,

Phufff ---- finally I’m able to write again in here. Missing so much my online home --- JengSRI.Com ^__^. 

Just after editing the post about Psychology, I decided to delete some posts on my posts in Bahasa; I found in IP address tracks that some people (Obviously, they're Indonesian) have been searching some old posts on my blog. 

As I’m currently attempting to change this blog from personal blog to academic blog; so I’ve decided to remove all posts in Bahasa; I haven’t removed all the posts in Bahasa tough as I avoid the decrease of my blog’s rank if it downs quickly. Some of unimportant posts have chosen to be removed; so I’m really sorry for those who were already nicely coming to this blog and left some comments; I really appreciate it. Because of you this blog has a good page rank ^__^.

I know by deleting some posts on my blog that will be decreasing a bit the rank of my blog and certainly the total of the post; and no increscent in Google traffic after all. That will be a hard work for me to increase the rank as I don’t do blog walking a lot as most bloggers do ^__^.

Salam bloggers,

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