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Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 9 Comments

From now on, I am going to write about my gym activities on this fabulous blog. I do this to encourage myself to go to the gym more often. Let's talk about Curves. 

Have you heard about Curves? Curves is a gym especially only for women. I have joined with Curves since the past 5 months. Before that I joined with Jacky’s Kelly for the past 2 years; however, as it’s too far from where I’m living now; I decided to move in to another gym that is much closer from my house.

I actually prefer to do a dance class for exercise; and I guess it’s much fun than doing gym. But again, I have a problem with the schedule times. As Curves is just about 100 meters from my house; so I think Curves will be the best place to go for.
I heard about Curves since a couple of years ago. The program of Curves is focusing in lose weight. I don’t actually need a lose weight program as I am slimming enough; my weight is about 48 kg; with that weight I assume I don’t need take action for losing my weight.

However, I believe that exercise isn’t just about how to lose weight; it’s about look after your heart. And most of you may already know how important it is in your life.

As Curves is not just focusing in a lose weight program, but also in the general of health programs; the machines in Curves generally focused in muscles. Don’t think that it’s going to be like men’s muscles; this will be depended by what type of level you take.

Soon if you join with Curves, you will get two automatic cards. One is made especially for tracking your gym activities, and another is for your absence card; and also for email functions.
Most Curves trainers are excellent and professional; you will be trained at the very first day. Each level is depending on their weights. For level, I’m doing 22 machines in a half hour. You don’t have to do all the machines; but it’s better if you finish all the 22 machines as it’s recommended for your health progress.

Usually Curves attempt to make the environment more fun such as playing a nice music and video; and as most Curves members are women; so you may not get bored easily as you can have a chat while you

You will also be measured by the trainer on the first of a month; this will do to track your activities with the machines. The measurement is taken from the results of each machine you take.  

All the trainers are always look after each members; I just got a post card yesterday from them as I have not been attending the gym for nearly 5 weeks. Today is my first day back to the gym after a long absence. 

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  1. May Be I will follow this program
    Comeback to Gym
    because I want my body is like Angelina Jolie

    Thanks For Sharing Jeng

  2. Hahahaha, have a nice try then Neng Itik....


  4. i cant imagine what happen if i do that..
    *bisa tambah cungkring :p*

  5. @Attayaya: Hahahha, ntar aku bikinin sekalian om; sekalian buat hadiah perkawinannya Om Atta, hihihi

    @Henny: makin cungkring, makin tinggi ya hen, hahhah

  6. Se-fabolous pemiliknya Om, heuheuheu

  7. Wow,that's the information I looking for today.When I was 24 years old,my weight only 47 kg.Now iam 31 years old, my weight suddenly up to 56 kg.I really need to lose my weight.Are they opening in other country jeng?like Saudi Arabia example?
    Nice sharing..

  8. Hi Aishah, Curves has spread over the world; have a look at or your local area, they may have one or more in Saudi.
    Good luck!


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