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I got few emails recently from bloggers asking how to make money with a personal blog. My blog itself  has only three years experience with making income - not so long ago but might be worthwhile to share my experience if you currently look for information about making money from blogging.

Before, I didn't intend to make a blog for getting income but rather than just writing my personal opinion about things. But then after awhile (nearly a year) the information of getting income from blogging spread on the internet. From there, I started to associate my blog from personal to business blog.

Many bloggers think making money when blogging need too much efforts. Well, it depends how you want to value your blog. I love money and making it :). And I love blogging too, so associating two hobbies at the same tim, I think, it would be a perfect idea. 

Here are few steps need to be done before you start to make money from your blog:

Make your own blog and be a 'free-thinker'

Have your own blog. You have more advantages by having your own blog rather than writing on other people website. Apart from they offer you a very small charge for your writing, there will be also a lot of regulations about the posting which might be difficult for you to think about the idea of writing a subject. 

I chose Blogger.Com for hosting almost my blogs. It has better and easier features than other free hostings. Also because it supports for getting income from your blog e.g. google adsense.

Having your own blog means you have your own company. Why do you need to make other people business good while you can make your own business better? Your blog can be famous (or more famous) as them depend on how much efforts you put. 

You can also write many categories as many as you want and write with your own style. I love writing (specially if in a good mood - I could post two or three in a day!). 

Chose whatever subject it suits your mood. Remember, it's your own company, you can write whatever it's worth for your blog.

Adverstise your blog

Even a well website will have no visitors if they don't advertise their website. So advertising your blog is crucial for your blog popularity. Many blog hosting provide a follow feature, so I highly recommend you to use this to  increase your visitors.

The online community for bloggers is also a great idea to introduce your blog. Search your local online community and sign up there. Add your blog if they ask you to add your blog. Don't be shy to put it - it just a blog. 

Find another online community if you enjoy being in the online comunity. 

The other thing to advertise your blog is visiting other people blog and give a comment on heir blog - don't just visit and leave nothing. By doing this, you spread your blog in various community.

Make money with your blog

You've got two very easy steps done. Let's make your efforts more valuable - let's make money!

You need an advertiser to get an online job. Let's register your blog first. But beware of scams! Takes only company that pay you after your job is done. A company might offer payment only after you reach a certain goal of total amount; for example, your amount is $50 and the reach goal is $100. 

You don't want to get dispointment after waiting so long for $100 and then your account is suspended for no reasons - so better safe than sorry. 

I will highly recommend you to register your blog instead at Blogvertise. Register your blog there and wait for a few days to get approval. 

The job will depen on your popularity blog and your activiness - usually pagerank 3, 4 or above are more considered for the review job. 

You need also a paypal account if you want to make money from your blog. It's a very easy job. Go to PayPal website and sign up there. Your money will be transfered into your account PayPal in the next month (or depending the payment regulations of the company). Done.


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  3. From the article above I can catch that to be a qualified psychologist can not be separated from the mastery of biology and, more specifically about the anatomy of the human body.

    I think the above material can never nervous system in college.

    Good afternoon Diajeng.

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