How To Use Webmaster Tools To IncreaseYour Traffic

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Heya bloggers!

I don’t usually write about this kind of topic on my blog as I’m not interested at all in this area. However, since I put back my blog into Alexa to know what’s going with my traffic --- and find out that my traffic is terrible as it is on the top of 2 million levels!! Oh no!!

Remember, that my traffic on Alexa was about in 400 thousand levels; that was counted in between August 2009; so how could this happen? Obviously, because I was off from blogging activities for a couple weeks; yet, I turned off the comment form. Since then my traffic drastically was down at the very bottom level!

Thank God that Google still caught every post that posted on my blog; at least it gives hope to keep continue this blog.

Now, I’m back again; even more motivated than before! And attempt to get back my traffic again!

So how do I get my traffic back?

I know you’re going to say: Do blog walking!

Yeah, I know. But, there is a problem to do blog walking; I can’t really spend my time on blog walking as it will waste my study’s time and works as well; to write a post in a day, and included a post review --- it’s already cost me time to spend it. Yet, I write an article as well in other sites; so, blog walking definitely will not suitable for me.

Off course, I will still do blog walking --- but, only a view bloggers I will be able to visit.

Anyway, there is another way to increase my traffic; it’s by updating my blog with a unique content. I’m sure most bloggers already know about this.

Also, using webmaster tool from your blog account will help the up to date the traffic of the increscent and decrement on your blog.

How to do this?

1.       Go to your dashboard – roll down your mouse to the bottom to tools and resources, and then click webmaster tools.

2.       Add the Url of your blog as many as you want.

3.       As soon as you add your Url, you need verify your blog by putting a code into your blog. To do this, you need log in to your blog: go to dashboard, click lay out, and then click edit html.

Some people find it difficult to verify the code into their blog. This is because some of them unrealised that there are two ways how to put the code; according to this, make sure you know whether your blog is using meta or html.

4.       If you success in verify ---- you’ll be able to enjoy the features of webmaster tools that given by Google.

I find a bit problem in a screen shoot; thus I can’t put a photo for the sample ---- I will be putting a photo of it in next post.

While waiting my traffic is up again; I will be enjoying write about Webmaster tools on my blog! Wait until my next post.....

I love this features! And I love Google even more!! Have a nice try bloggers!!

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