Keeping Your Property Up

Friday, February 05, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 11 Comments

Make sure that the neighborhood that you select is among residents that keep their homes and properties kept up. This is important for your own day to day positive outlook as well as the short term and long term value of your investment. Even if your home is well maintained, if you choose a location where your neighbors let their yards go and do not attend to home upkeep and improvement the same way you do, your home value will suffer for their lack of pride in their home and property. It is also likely to cause turbulence among neighborly relations when there is a disparity between your expectations and the reality of the situation.

In this regard, the Internet can aid you once again. Check out the county auditor’s website to find property values for homes in the area....
You’ll be looking for trends within the information where appreciation and depreciation is concerned and to more fully understand the current and projected outlook for property values around your prospective home. This isn’t a step you will want to skip, a home is a large and potentially profitable investment– no one likes to watch their hard earned money go down the tube alongside a failing neighborhood.

Also, properly maintaining your yard and property is important for safety reasons as well as aesthetic value. Intruders look for homes that have overgrown shrubs. Make sure you invest in a monitored home security system like the ones offered by ADT.


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