The most influential psychologists in the history of Psychology

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B.F Skinner
B.F Skinner was born on the 20 of March in 1904 and died on the 18 of August in 1990. He began his career as psychologist in 1948 in the University of Indiana. From here he’s known as leaders of behaviourism.
The very famous research of B.F Skinner is known as operant conditioning. Unlike Pavlov’s theory, classical conditioning; he found that behaviour did not depend on the previous stimulus as Pavlov’s theorized; Skinner found that behaviour depend upon what happens after the responds.
Sigmund Freud
Many contributions of Freud have influenced in the field of Psychology. Most of his works and his writings added to our understanding of many fields were such as personality, human behaviour, and abnormal psychology.
He spent the rest of his life for studying the Psycho Analysis; the psychological works of Freud divided into 24 volumes of books.
Albert Bandura
Talking about social learning is always remind us to Bandura’s famous theory about social learning;  “What you see is what you’ve learnt” one of the famous of Bandura’s  quotation in his theory. He believes that people could learn new things from just what they see.
Furthermore about his influence works can be seen on his book in Social Learning Theory.
Jean Piaget
His famous theory in Psychology’s fields is about the theory of cognitive development and genetic epistemology; the theory that focuses on the mental development of children.  
Here are some of the publications by Piaget; 
* Piaget, J. (1936) Origins of intelligence in the child. 
* London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.Piaget, J. (1945) 
* Play, dreams and imitation in childhood. London: Heinemann. Piaget, J.     (1970) 
* Main trends in psychology, London: George Allen & Unwin  

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