Nervous System Vs Webmaster tools In Google Tops Search Queries

Saturday, February 13, 2010 Unknown 5 Comments

Hello blogger,
I’m still enjoying the Google webmaster. How’s yours?  I know you will like it. For those who wants to know how to get webmaster, please click in here.
Today I just want to write about my little traffic improvement. My Google webmaster tools has shown a slight bit enhancement in its traffic. Yeay! I try to follow every steps that written in Google webmaster tools.  Here is the improvement of my blog traffic  (click to view it);

It’s the same previous table that posted on my blog yesterday; but different results.  This result is just taken today; the keyword of webmaster tools is only written three times in the same week, but it’s almost reaching in the top of top search queries (see the table above).
They key word of nervous system less percent than before, which was before 51 % of the other keywords in the top search queries on my blog. Still, nothing great yet on my traffic; but it has shown its enhancement little by little. And remember, I don’t do blog walking a lot.
According to this, checking your Google webmaster can be advantaged to seek information how to increase your blog; and by looking the result that given by Google webmaster tools, it shows you which useful article can increase your blog traffic. Another advantage from Google is the robot.txt editing; you can also control which article on your blog appears in the Google searching. I’ll be posting about this sometimes.
Have a nice weekend!
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  1. wah,ini yang barusan saya coba tadi jeng.Tapi belum sempat mempelajarinya...thanks.

  2. good morning... your posting is spectacular info, visit a back an give me some comment or follow.

  3. owww.. gitu tohh.. jadi lu posting tentang syaraf karena gugel webmaster ntu?


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