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Friday, February 12, 2010 Unknown 8 Comments

 Still in the topic about webmaster tools.
Have you already  sign in to webmaster tools? I’m sure you find it easy as you already familiar with these stuff --- And I’m sure you’re now enjoying the features from the Google webmaster tools.
Just like other Google tools; webmaster tools is so easy to do; and suitable even for intermediate computer users;  although some features  are required your skills such as editing the robots.txt; but I think it’s better if you are just focusing in easy feature first.
I myself begin with the section on your site on the web. This section is for analysing your traffic blog such as top search queries, links to your site, keyword, internal links, and subscriber stats. Each features show the details of what your visitors look for on your site. If you can only focus on this section, you will be able to control your traffic blog by seeing from the analysis.
Let me begin with top search queries; and have a look the picture below. 

There is nothing great on my top search queries as  the highest query in the article is only 51 %, and it comes in the position 20 (see the nervous system).
The feature of top search queries tools is to show details where your visitors come from and what they look for on your site. It’s kind a feedget tools; but the top queries tools give you the record and the details in each click of your visitors.
I’m really enjoying the google webmaster tools.
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  1. Hello-
    Greetings from the island of Bali-
    this is my first visit...
    and i really love your articles..
    i think i can get more lessons here..
    thanks for sharing..
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  2. Aku datang.... miss you much Sist..

  3. Eh, aku belum pernah pake tools apapun tuh sampai sekarang. :)

  4. kok top searchnya gak ada sinting sintingan gitu yah?

    doh. berarti diriku gak termasuk hitungan he2

  5. Cara masuk ke tools ini gimana diajeng?

  6. ntar thak cobain lihat juga ah


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