Fear - The Human Brain

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Here is another more information about the human brain that may you like --- I mean what you should know about the brain . You may be find it quite interesting when you read it, as it relate to general human's feelings such as panic, anxiety, stress, etc.

What you should know

More than a thousand of years human's brain have been learnt by many thinkers, and for the last of view years neuroscience learn to how the brain can connect to itch parts, and effected in a behaviour. Brain is the most complicated device in universe as it has multivarious functions in the human life. 

Thankfully (I like to say this quite a lot ^__^) to science for their discovery, who is coming out with a stunning discovery about the brain.

For the first time, neuronscientist discovery what goes in the human's brain during their activities such as in the human's sex activity, when we face to fear, anxiety, panic, stress, and also what goes in the psychopath brain.

Their discover is helped by a special technology to foster the neuronscientist's research --- it to help how the brain develop. This technology discover the secret of the brain, it's explaining why we fear what we do; it's helping to a new method to boost the brain power, and detecting all abilities we have inside our head.

In the basement of our head (the back head) there is a part that  especially to connect other reptiles in our body and brain, and that keep us a life called brain stem, this is a particular of functions to heart rate, blood presure, etc.

The main part of the brain that processing emotions called the lymbic system, and within the lymbic system are the amygdala --- it's the common centre of our reaction.

And one of the strongest of our emotion is fear --- a primary emotion we share. This emotion is the most effected in the human brain. 

How can our brain decrease the fear, or devast it?

They discover that to decrease the fear, it's by trainning the brain. A research has found in the army trainning how the shoulders can adapt to  unexpected situations; whereas the trainining focuse to change their brain --- the reaction of being fear.

In the research found that shoulders who were unable to adapt the situations due to failed to face the fear. The physical trainnings use to less their pain --- and know how to keep focus their brain even in the very difficult situation.

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