The Introduction Of The Human Brain

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Have you wondered where your action come from and who is controlled your behaviour? For many hundred years scientist have been studying about what stimulate the human's behaviour. And thankfully for the great works of the scientists; we now know more detail on knowledge the cause of human's behaviour.

Brain is the main function of  human's life. It is how human can develop everything. These days many neuronscientists study how the brain can create multifarious of  human types, e.g. champion human, genius human, Psychopath, even those who are disorders. 

But how can brain create different result? For instance, an English art who is briantlly able to skecth an every details for buildings in a city; yet, he only needs 20 minutes to see the city from a tower before he starts to sketch. 

We certainly wonder can we have the same brain as those people who have great abilities? If we can, then how? And if we can't, then why can't we?

Studying human's brain indeed is not a simple subject to learn, and certainly need a long, long way to know what actually is inside the human's brain. But again, we thankfully to neuronscientist who studying this keenly. 

To know how brain can create in human's behaviour; firstly we need to understand about what brain is. And a spesific area to study about brain in psychology is called physiological psychology.


Itch parts of the brain has their own roles according to their functions. What does mean by parts of the brain?

As already mentioned earlier that brain has their regions such as fromtal lobe, parietal, spinal, temperal lobe, cerebellum, etc. All these regions are connected to each other and then effect in a behaviour.

The connection of each regions sent electrically (When I'm studying this, I'm thinking how similiar human's brain connection so-called with internet). 

A part of brain that result feelings such as fear, anxiety, panic --- these feelings derive from amygdala. A shape of size amygdala can be different in the human brain according to their brains (people  who have brain damage might behave differently with those who do not have brain damage) --- will be explain later on the next post on this blog.

Inside these parts of brain have more than 10 billion cells, and these cells communicate by sending a message through electrical charge (see on the physiological psychology articles about neurons).

DBLN, 17.08-120310

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